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The Ashes of Feelings – A poetry book about nude realities, broken dreams, naked curtains.  The Ice is Back‘  – A novel brought to you by life itself, Based on Israel-Palestine conflict

Life picturing the scenarios itself. The meetings of Life and the chapters including Life over Death, Dead Hope. It depicts that with every cruelty there is sympathy lying side by side.

~ Ahtisham AliReader of 'The Ice is Black'

It helped me by giving an assurance that pain and sufferings are not supposed to be shared to gain sympathies. Specially the ending made me say "Life is beautiful" in the end.

~ FatimaReader of 'The Ice is Black'

The ice is black is so much more than a book like a roller coaster ride of emotions. It is a depiction of issues people of Palestine have to face. It is the story of torment and tyranny which must no longer endure.

~ Zohaib AhmedReader of 'The Ice is Black'
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