The Moon has My Heart

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‘The Moon Has My Heart’ is the rich and beautiful collection of poetry about life, love, loss, inspiration, hurt, strength, nature and family.

Author Khizra Zaheer
Published December 2019
Price Rs. 750 PKR
ISBN 978-969-7868-71-1
Language English
Total Pages 200
Paper Quality 80gsm, White Bright
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

The moon has my heart is the rich and beautiful collection of poetry about life, love, loss, inspiration, hurt, strength, nature and family. The raw emotions are conceal in every word of the book so that the reader can feel and cherish them. The beauty and pain of life are going hand in hand all along in this exquisitely crafted book. Putting all multitudes of emotion in the poetry, this book gives strength, courage and inspires people to be strong enough with tears and go to success cliff despite any heartbreak in life. The poetry in this book is pair with beautiful black and white pictures to give a delightful feel to readers.

About Author

Khizra Zaheer is a digital media marketer by profession covering a wide array of writing/journalism projects, social media management, brand promotions, and campaign creations for almost a span of 10 years. She is the founder at (a place all about tech, brands, entrepreneurship, and women empowerment), social media influencer, and blogger. She is involved in promoting entrepreneurship, creating brands, reviewing technology and startups, and moving digital round the clock.

Her passion also turns her into a poetess that is being greatly admired and appreciated by her readers and followers on social media. She is born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Having a number of years of experience in the professional field, her work is appreciate well in the industry. She presented her first poetry book, “The Love Fantasy; You in Me”, in 2018 that greatly grasped the hearts of poetry lovers across the world.

With all her deep, powerful, and beautiful words, she wants to help the world by acknowledging the pain of people and helping them to heal.  Her poetry is adore by thousands of international artists in their art canvases, crafts, and journals across social media.

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23 reviews for The Moon has My Heart

  1. Nigam Mehmood

    This is one of the most requested reviews of all. First of all, Hats off to this girl for keeping a strong head in the face of all trouble that she went through. She’s a tough cookie ♥️ This book was sent to me by @khizra.zaheer
    Love how Asian Literature is getting the recognition it deserves ?? This is a poetry book inspired by all things common, necessary, and sometimes life-changing. She talks about emotions, feelings, honesty, sincerity and her love for writing. I personally loved this book.
    All in all, it’s definitely a good light read for all poetry lovers out there. Also, ITS ASAIN LITERATURE!!! The thing about Asian Literature is that it’s very relatable. Who’s with me? ??‍♀️ Will I recommend: Definitely YES!
    Looking forward to your next one.

  2. Mohammad Ibrahim

    This book “the moon has my heart” had left an indelible impact on me.
    “When you see a real writer, you will know by the fruits of dedication, passion, persistence and how much of themselves they are willing to put in their gifts and callings.

    I have no doubt that his book will not only be a bestseller but also impart multitudes”.

    Thank you Khizra Zaheer

  3. Faisal Majeed

    Read “Moon has my heart” by Khizra Zaheer. I am not into poetry but still wanted to read the book.
    It’s a well-written book and expresses love and life in a very deep and meaningful way. It touched my heart and few of them expressed what I always wanted to say.
    If you haven’t read the book, then don’t waste ur time and order ur copy right away… you won’t be disappointed.
    Thank you Khizra for writing a wonderful book.

  4. imprisioned in books

    The first poetry book in English I read was” the moon has my heart”. I loved the book, “the moon has my heart” and the way feelings are expressed, and I loved the cover too. Very few books are closed to my heart. And this book is one of them. Khizra stood strong when some people created propaganda against you. I really liked this book. It is easy to understand all words in it and to dive in them from the bottom of my heart. I like the way the writer expressed herself. It is very holy and soothing. It has its own masterpieces. My friend introduced me to this book the moon has my heart. And I am grateful to her. Best of luck and good wishes for all the upcoming books.

  5. Hamnah

    I read the book (the moon has my heart) and it was amazing. I don’t read poetry books because they get boring after a while but I loved this one. The poems were raw and honest and came from the heart. Someone said that this book seemed like the diary of the author. It does seem like a diary filled with personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings. It feels like an intimate book. However, for someone’s 2nd book, it was pretty fantastic.

  6. Fatimaah Shahid

    Nothing makes me happier than reading a book of Pakistani young writers. Every one should wholeheartedly appreciate their efforts and love for literature.
    The moon has my heart is a poetry book by Khizra Zaheer.
    No doubt Khizra is very hardworking young writer. Book cover is very beautiful and attractive. She has also added pictures on almost every page.
    She has beautifully penned her life experiences in the form of poetry. HER words sometimes make us happy and sometimes sad. Sometimes her words provide a massive dose of motivation. And she also beautifully explained her experience of Hajj Indeed a beautiful book
    My favorite quote from this book is
    Holding my mother’s dupatta in one hand and other hand mingled with her hand while lying down in the bed before the sunrise seems the entire universe revolving around me bring the peace to my head and heart. [Pg no.197]♡ Kudos to you madam Khizra Zaheer.

  7. Riffat Zaman Qureshi

    “The Moon? has my Heart❤” is the recollection of good & bad; happy & sad emotions,
    It recounts the experiences of hard and delightful times from which everyone in life has gone through ..
    It also consists of lines
    which are written purely of author’s experiences and emotions.. such as revealing the meaning of her name, holding her mama’s dupatta ‘that paradisiacal moments’, having blessedness of loving&caring family..
    Apart from that,
    those inexplicable feelings shared by muslims, “That first glimpse of Khanaa e Kaaba? & Gumbad e Khizra”? (Kaabay par pari jub pehli nazar kia cheez hai dunya bhool gaya)

    Personally, a few poems touched my heart deeply ❤ overall I must appreciate @khizra.zaheer her geniality towards her readers.
    Her dedicational notes for her readers are really applaudable, those notes meant a lot? I wish her to go more and looking forward to more to come from her pen✒
    Book quality is really awesome, published by Auraq Publications. And bookmarks are just as loveable as the author of this soulful book is..? Masha Allah
    All the best dear @khizra.zaheer .. I wish u all the success❤
    ? Excerpt from
    The Moon? Has My Heart❤
    I am learning to unlearn the things
    So that no one can ever
    Detach me out from the roots
    I am learning to be unkind sometimes
    So that i can unlove the people
    Who are never meant for me

  8. Ammara binte Murtaza

    When I received my parcel I opened that I’m sooo happy Finally your book in my hand❤?? love this pretty book cover ❤ . I read your book and i love that❤ . This book has an amazing collection of poetry.❤❤❤ when i start reading I surprised how can you know about your reader’s feelings. You’re a good writer who know that what your readers feel and you have the power to explain the feelings in beautiful words. ❤❤❤ More power to you❤❤❤. The title is “The moon has my heart ” but i wanna say that: ” Your book has my heart ” ???May Allah bless you with countless success and happiness Ameen?❤❤❤❤.

  9. Maham Tariq

    The moon has my heart” is a poetry & prose book talks about waiting, yearning for a loved one, missing them & more than that, missing your own self. The author has also dedicated poems to her parents, niece & family which is kinda sweet. In addition, she has immaculately incorporated religion in the poetry which is actually commendable.
    I loved the sweet notes that came along with the book signed by the Author. And the bookmarks were really cute.

  10. Rafia Hassan

    So the review of “The moon has my heart” is here. It is a collection of poems reflecting the journey of a person from the feelings of loneliness, pain, craving for love, and attention towards its bleeding wounds towards finding back its hope, heart and soul. It’s about the pain of a person who has lost someone close to heart and now trying to get rid of this pain.
    Throughout this book, while I was able to connect with these poems describing the feeling of pain and desire to be loved, as a reader and a book critic, I was also looking for hope and positivity as it was almost necessary to give a wandering soul and dying heart some peace that everything is going to be okay at the end and I was very happy to see how beautifully she directed the source of all hope and peace in Almighty via Tahajjud & Sajjood. I must say I was very happy on this discovery.?
    So, that’s all about the book.

  11. Fahda Bhutto

    So finally got my hands on this book!
    The very first page that I opened and read was something that literally touched me. “Vo kehte hain na k ap jo feel krahe ho wo ik dam se chez apke samne ajaye”. I clicked a pic of that poetry. It was about parents & I clicked that along with my parents’ pic ?This is the first poetry that I randomly opened and read, literally touched my soul! This is something I actually feel how my parents take care of me and that you have put it in such a beautifully poetic way!? I was never a poetry kind of girl, I am a girl who still thinks of fairytales, lives in an imaginary world, fascinated by looking at stars & moon while traveling at night on highways & make stories in her mind. And after reading this book ‘the moon has my heart’, felt like Khizra has given a poetic form to my imaginations!
    This book is something like the things I always imagine but fail to put into words!♥️
    I being an artist (who couldn’t pursue her career in arts) felt the depth of this poetry!♥️
    P.S. Thank you for this cute card!?

  12. Sana Naeem

    I read your book Khizra you’ve done amazing maa shaa ALLAH ♥️♥️ BARAK ALLAH FEEK your poems are damn nice ???? you know your poems are so relateable ♥️♥️♥️
    I love your book ♥️?

  13. Javeria Mughal

    My friend suggested to me this book THE MOON HAS MY HEART she says: @khizra.zaheer wrote an amazing poetry book. So I checked her Instagram account @khizra.zaheer and I just fell in love with this. So, I ordered it and the writer is such an amazing person very polite?
    It’s my first poetry and when I start to read this book I feel like the writer gathers all the pain from every single person and wrote this amazing book I really really love this book.

  14. Sarwat Farrukh

    I am enjoying this book the moon has my heart. I am the soulie with the love of NATURE, HOPE, HAPPINESS. This book THE MOON HAS MY HEART by Khizra always takes to someplace having Pure Love with Sanity. Just stay blessed, keep writing for us with loads of love, and happiness of nature.

  15. Hurmat Asad

    I read the book, the moon has my heart and I thoroughly enjoyed it. ? It is entirely raw and pure. It was an amazing read. ?

  16. Ruhama Syeda

    I loved the book “the moon has my heart”! It is AMAZING. I couldn’t stop reading it. I found it really good, it’s so addictive that once you start reading it, it is so difficult to discontinue. Nicely compiled and a book that you can never get bored of. I always carry it in my bag. Be it travelling or even college breaks, I have to read it! I just loved it. Even my friends have borrowed it from me.

  17. Dr. Maha

    I am in love with this book. Literally you have described the feelings of my heart, mind, and soul. This book is like my small world. I can’t describe my sentiments. I am short of words. Khizra each and every word was alive and is alive in my heart. You gave words to my emotions which I was unable to explain. I will read it again. This is so close to my heart and please you have to write more books too. It is necessary. Some people only lighten their pain through books to collect hope.

  18. Sourath

    The moon has my heart ❤️
    I’m not really poetry person and I haven’t read a lot of poetry books this is my 2nd book. What I felt about this book is that Khizra tried to convey her own real-life experiences of love, pain, loss, strength, family, and religion.
    Now about poem/poetry written on love and pain by Khizra. I loved the religious part of Khizra’s book that was really spiritual especially her poetry on traveling to our beloved Holy place were amazing literally I wanted to be there after reading them may Allah bless you for this n apart from that I loved the concept of home decor you portrayed relating it with your parents’ hard work laughs n tears.
    Overall I can see the hard work done on this book.
    Now my lovely folks go order her book n support your own country authors especially new ones this is how we will grow❤❤

  19. Daraksha

    Got this book The Moon Has My Heart. Done reading it awhile ago. It was so good.? Just the kind of light read I wanted to end my year with. It is my 35th book of the year and I am so glad that I got my hands on it. ❤️
    Thank you for writing and sending it my way. You write so well. Have a good year ahead. I might order your first book in the next two months. Love and best wishes. ❤️

  20. Amina

    Today moon and me
    are shadowing behind each other
    and we are showing scars
    the only difference is lying
    within our places.
    of sky and earth. “The Moon has my heart” by Khizra Zaheer is a poetry book featuring love, pain, loss, inspiration, strength, nature, family and everything. when you read Khizra’s book you came to know that this book is all about her. You came to know her more through her words. I appreciate her effort. And I believe she can write more great stuff in the future.

  21. Sumiya Saeed

    So here I am with the #bookreview of THE MOON HAS MY HEART by KHIZRA ZAHEER, an emerging Pakistani new writer. This is her second book. And I enjoyed this book.
    This poetry book deals with themes of love, pain, loss, inspiration, strength, nature, family, religion, and everything in life. The person expresses the loss of someone loved and most importantly the survival from this heartbreak. She penned down sorrows, pain so beautifully and it was so heartbreaking at the same time. She also dedicated poems to her parents, family, and niece and that’s kinda cute. The December poems and the way she described her journey to the holy place of Makkah and Madina IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL, TOUCHING, and HEARTWARMING.
    Overall it was a delightful read.
    The book comes with a signed card by the author and the customized bookmarks are my favorite thing. Thankyou @khizra.zaheer 🙂

  22. Hafsa

    The moon has my heart by @khizra.zaheer
    I’m not an English poetry fan but If it’s worth it then I definitely can’t go anywhere without giving a read. And this book proves to be one of the beautiful reads of 2k20 for me. This book is a collection of beautiful poetry about love, strength, loss, and inspiration.
    Its cover is so gorgeous that I often use it while capturing some random moments. :p Also there are some black and white pictures too in the book that seem delightful to eyes.
    It’s her second book I think and she has done a great job. Wishing her many more success.
    I was thinking of posting some poetry too in the caption but It was hard to choose :/ so you’ll often see me posting on stories. – in sha ALLAH.

  23. Laiba Ashar

    The moon has my heart is a beautiful collection of short poems and poetry about love, pain, loss, inspiration, strength, nature, family, and life. Some of them are purely based on the writer’s personal experiences of love, pain, and emotions.
    The very first thing that moved me while reading the book was the letter to her reader, I absolutely loved how beautifully she connected her readers using the power of words and kindness. Personally, the one thing that I loved the most was her poetry about her family. The first one is [ ERA OF FREEDOM 1947 ] in this she wrote that the wrinkles on her grandmother’s face tell about all the struggles and sacrifices she had in the times of freedom. [ GUNBAD-E-KHIZRA / TAYYABA ] writing about the meaning of her and her mother’s name. The cutest of all [ BABY NIECE AISHA] I literally cried and felt so relatable while reading this one, in this she wrote that how much she misses her niece Aisha.
    I absolutely loved how a beautifully she portrayed the love of a father in the [ NAME OF KINDNESS; ZAHEER ]
    Other than the poetry about her family I loved how insanely and beautifully she defined her pain through her words [ 31st DECEMBER, 2018 ]. While reading this I was expecting something positive and healing and I was so moved reading that how gracefully she connected all the pain and sufferings to positivity and hope by writing about the love of Allah [ MEDINA CITY ] ❤
    A very beautiful piece that really touched and moved my heart [ PURITY AT THE NOBLE PLACE ] I have presented our love in the grand and purest palace where the witness is our creator watching all the long shed tears and little smiles on our faces and now bestowing us all the patience for the whole life. And in the end, the writer says, “and the journey continues” ❤
    On the whole, this book is very close to my heart. I feel so proud while reading such beautiful literature by Pakistani writers.

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