Heralds of Sun

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‘Heralds Of Sun’ is poetry based on Practicality and Imagination, Hope And Pain, Virtue and Sin. It’s about the vanishing sun and the emotional paralysis that follows.

Author Shehar Bano
Published August 2021
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ISBN 978-969-749-140-7
Language English
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Genre Poetry, English


About Book

‘Heralds Of Sun’ is poetry based on Practicality and Imagination, Hope And Pain, Virtue and Sin.

It’s about the vanishing sun and the emotional paralysis that follows, it’s about the loss of love and the gain in that loss, it’s about burning in that zone, having to surrender to life, it’s about and shaking the paralyzed nerve to stimulate it to regrow, it’s about waking up after one murky night, it’s about witnessing the brightest morning through some kind of natural intervention.

It’s about the news bringing sun, the Creator of that Sun, it’s about and the Sender of that News, it’s about digging until you find the deep you after losing the superficial you, it’s about shedding the unnecessary coatings to lay bear amidst all the nature, it’s about with only a covering of modesty sparkled with gratitude here and compassion there, it’s about the relevance of emotional and physical journey to life on planet Earth.

Let’s grow in the other direction, every time we read the old poem anew.

About Author

For the World, I’m in the final year of DPT at Gulab Devi, Lahore. Thanks to COVID-19, eagerly waiting to wear my scrubs, strolling in the wards in the hospital I so dearly love.
A daughter from a fat background of squires, born in a village of Faisalabad, bloomed in the cities of Pakistan. Grew up watching Disney movies, munching on the journey of Amy and Max, waiting for Johnny bravo to bid goodbye, wondering how would Popeye gulp spinach, never understanding why Olive looked the way she looked, always miscalculating Tom’s relationship with Harry, And on a sudden impulse of the kid in me, switching to Bloomberg and pretending to understate all the conversations, I grew up.

Also, hating feudals and Chaudhary, but I finally got peace there, within my own ocean. I’m at the point in life where I’ve started believing I’m the fish of my very ocean, and can’t survive elsewhere. (And I’m kinda enjoying it.) I think this happens to every daughter of my background, we end up loving the place we might have hated all our lives. (yeah, right, am I doing?!)

Like everyone I had this beautiful inner journey, carved with hilts and naughts, and truly, that made me into the person I finally am.
I hope the person within me never stops growing, not, at least until death is the call.
To explain the person I am? Well, Can we explain a drop?
By all means, yes.

So I’m a woman relating to all the peoples on the globe, having the same description of struggle and failure. But if we have to figure out the differences, might be the approach of holding on to hope and getting rid of the burden of failures.

To witness who’s better among us, the competition stays till death visits, and none out of us ordinaries gets the chance to witness their final ranks on earth.
I don’t wish to tour anyone anymore through my personal description, that has got the least flavor of service(I’ve already forced my fingers to pump all the words I could to explain the writer-me). What’s required has been spoken of through the words in the book, so fully, so truly.
P.s: I wish everyone growth, peace, and beauty.🌸


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2 reviews for Heralds of Sun

  1. Ali Ahmed

    An Excellent Book.. had really great ideas and was beautifully written. Will prefer to anyone who wants to read a good book.

  2. Maria Iqbal (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful and thought provoking poetry with depthful spiritual insights. Anyone who enjoys poetry must read this book. Very well written. Highly recommended.

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