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Shehar Bano

Heralds Of Sun

A daughter from a background of squires, born in a village of Faisalabad, bloomed in the cities of Pakistan. Grew up watching Disney movies, munching on the journey of Amy and Max, waiting for Johnny bravo to bid goodbye, wondering how would Popeye gulp spinach, never understanding why Olive looked the way she looked, always miscalculating Tom’s relationship with Harry, never knowing the kid in me—who on a sudden impulse would switch to Bloomberg and pretend to understand all the conversations—I grew up. I don’t wish to tour anyone anymore through my personal description, that has got the least flavor of service(I’ve already forced my fingers to pump all the words I could to explain the writer-me). What’s required has been spoken of through the words in the book, so fully, so truly. P.s: I wish everyone growth, peace, and beauty.🌸

Publishing Experience with Auraq

Beginning infuses confusion, and this is exactly what happened, I was almost completely unsure how’d the entire thing unfold. Once I had contacted the publisher I was so relieved. Thanks to Auraq for making it fun and smooth, but I’d especially want to thank the person on the other end on phone, that is, the WhatsApp correspondent.
It took almost 3 months, I’m sure Auraq did their best to do whatever in their capacity to make it easy for me.
To every author to be, I’d love you to be a part of this community, as in this covid contained world when physical meetings were near to impossible, this publication made it possible for my book Heralds Of Sun to be out in the way I wanted it, without me having to travel once to visit their office.
How I liked my book?
Honestly, I loved it! I loved everything about how the book looked! From binding to paper quality, from the cover design to the arrangement! Everything is great!

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