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Book Publishing At Auraq Is Easy Now

God has given you a dream to compose a book. What’s more, you did it. You sat down and affectionately typed each word. Congratulations! You’ve accomplished it extraordinarily. But now what? That’s where we come in. We believe in you and the tale you have to tell the world, and we want you to complete your book venture with excellence. We help you with transforming it into a beautiful, professional volume and present it to the world. Here is how you start the publishing process at Auraq:

Author Registration

At the initial stage, you fill a form we call ‘Author Registration Form’. It is accessible on this link. In this form, we procure essential information about your book that you are eager to publish. Once you are registered, our representative will be in contact with you for further procedures.

Manuscript Submission

The second step is to submit the manuscript draft for editorial review. In this audit, our editorial board reviews the manuscript content for our general standard guidelines. Please note that this does not signify ‘Proofreading’, it is just an appraisal. This process may take up to half a month (or more) to respond. If there is anything required to be improved or updated, you will be informed over email. If everything is fine, we will proceed further.

Editorial Services

Auraq offers a complete scope of editorial services which includes editing, proofreading, formatting, inside layout design, covers design, handmade and digital illustration/painting, and so forth. Our exceptionally talented and experienced team gets your work done as you expect if you acquire. In case you have edited your manuscript and have designed your cover at your end, that is perfectly fine. You will impart files with the required speculations (mentioned in the FAQ section) for printing.

Self-publishing model

While your book is in the review process, you can decide your preferred publishing model either Bulk-Printing or Print On Demand (POD). In bulk-printing, you can start with 200-500 copies or more. In POD, you can start with 30 copies in order to publish your book. You can contact our representative over Email/WhatsApp for its cost estimation. As in self-publishing model, you as Author, have to provide final edited and ready-to-print manuscript file along with cover title design at your end. However if you require our editorial services in this regard, we have a  competent team of experienced professionals onboard.

Book publishing agreement

Once your book gets reviewed and you have chosen your book publishing model, we will be sharing a ‘Book Publishing Agreement’ with you which will be signed from both sides. We recommend you to read the agreement conditions cautiously before you sign it.


Our printing department ensures the quality printing process. Your book may have a perfect-bound, paperback or hardbound with Dust cover. In the wake of signing the agreement and having the locked manuscript file, we start the printing process. This process may take up to half a month (or more) which is prior mentioned in the signed agreement.
Printing on an urgent premise is also offered with additional charges.

Selling and Marketing

Once your book is printed, Author copies will be dispatched and the book will be live on Auraq Online Bookstore to order from all over the world. The pre-order link can also be generated after the printing process gets started so people can place their order before completion of the printing procedure. Auraq also market your book online through social media to reach more audience.

Auraq Author Dashboard

Auraq has introduced ‘Auraq Author Dashboard’ for our very own authors so that they stay updated about their book order and royalties anytime and anywhere. In this dashboard, you can find:
1. Total Number of copies ordered to date.
2. Total Successful orders.
3. Total Payable Royalty.
4. Paid Royalty.

Do I need to visit Auraq Office?

Auraq manages the whole course of action online so if you are far from the twin-cities or even out of the country, and you are not able to visit Auraq Office, you don’t need to come necessarily. From submission to conformity to author copies delivery, everything can be handled from the comfort of your home. We have our published authors from all over Pakistan, who got their books published with us through an intact online process.

Who owns intellectual rights ?

By publishing your book with Auraq, you own all intellectual rights as the Author. Auraq does not hold intellectual rights of the book(s) published over self-publishing models.

How much time required for publishing ?

The time frame may differ due to the work involved in the whole process, like editorial work, design, and printing. Usually, it takes 12-18 working days for printing of the books.
Auraq also delivers work on an urgent basis if required, with additional charges.

How much royalty I get paid ?

Auraq pays you a royalty on each sold copy. The percentage of the royalty may vary as per publishing terms and conditions which will be stated in publishing agreement. Usually, in the POD model, Auraq pays 60% royalty out of profit.