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A little bit about Akasious

Known as Akasious in literary circle for her contributions in english writings, Kinza Asghar Khan daughter of Asghar Abbas is a Pharmacy student at faculty of Pharmacy Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. She originally belongs to a small city near Multan named, Khanewal.

Besides that she has many certifications in debating and public speaking. She says that she is going to be many things in life except a pharmacist.

Akasious is a name which is no longer as unknown as it was few years ago when she started writing on her public accounts.

She completed her first novel ‘Lone Wolf till last breath’ in year 2018 which was originally self published on Amazon. She is planning to publish it traditionally before the end of 2019.

Her first poetry book contains the best pieces of her poetry. She finally decided to put all are magnific pieces of poetry into one cover named ‘The Ashes of Feelings’. Her upcoming book ‘The ice is Black’ is something she says that she is already proud of.

What She Says about Auraq

You are an author? What are you looking for? Publisher? Auraq is the best choice. Why? Because you certainly not only want to get your book published. You want yourself and your content respected too. You want efficient dealings and perfect guidelines too (if you are a newbie in the world of writing). Auraq gives you everything you deserve. They don’t make you feel more stressed and confused when you handover your manuscript to Auraq. You feel at home while working with them and you get unexpectedly outstanding outcome. There is a profit-profit situation in POD. You face no loss. Auraq is going to turn down all the expensive, filthy game of publishing in Pakistan soon and it is helping literature to grow in Pakistan. I wish I could declare a best publisher award to Auraq. My best wishes are with them. They were not my first choice. I have been turned down by numerous publishers that’s why I respect and trust Auraq very much.
Keep up the great work. Hope you keep working like that. You will touch the sky.

Know more about your Favorite Author…

Her Favorite Authors are Elif Shafak and Nemrah Ahmed.

Her Favorite Books includes ‘Shahab Nama‘ by Qudrat Ullah Shahab and ‘The Secret‘ series by Rhonda Byrne.

Her Leisure time hobbies are Reading, Writing, Netflix and Home Decor.

Upcoming Books are ‘Lone Wolf till Last Breath‘ and ‘The Ice is Black‘.

Her message to readers:

I am nothing without your support and love. Just keep telling me about my writings. Your one kind gesture makes my day and I learn a lot from your constructive criticism so it is always welcome.

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