The Ashes of Feelings

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The Ashes of feelings is a fine addition in the world English poetry by Akasious.

Author Akasious (Kinza Asghar Khan)
Published April 2019
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ISBN 978-969-7868-28-5
Language English
Total Pages 104
Paper Quality White Imported 90gsm Paper
Binding Paper Back Perfect-bound
Genre Poetry,English


About Book

The Ashes of feelings is a fine addition in the world English poetry by Akasious. The ashes of feelings is neither about the ashes nor about the feelings…! It’s far away from your mainstream kind of poetry.

It is about the society which has never been fair, it’s about the people who never leave being judgmental, it’s about the life which has always been ruthless, it’s about the unrevealed truths people fail to utter, and the white lies people never fail to utter. In the last few poems of the book the poet seems to be sensitive about the Palestinians and Kashmiris. Her poetry is more about the feelings she has for others than about her own self. Collect the ashes of the feelings in every word of this book as she writes about the filthy judges of the society, the broken dreams due to society, the shattered feelings, the naked curtains, the nude realities, the broken rules of love, and about the victims of the so called system of Justice and more. Reading this piece would help you discover a perspective you have never seen before.

About Author

Known as Akasious in literary circle for her contributions in English writings, Kinza Asghar Khan daughter of Asghar Abbas is a Pharmacy student at faculty of Pharmacy Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. She originally belongs to a small city near Multan named, Khanewal. Besides that she has many certifications in debating and public speaking. She says that she is going to be many things in life except a pharmacist.

Akasious is a name which is no longer as unknown as it was few years ago when she started writing on her public accounts. She completed her first novel ‘Lone Wolf till last breath’ in year 2018 which was originally self published on Amazon. She is planning to publish it here in Pakistan soon. Her first poetry book contains the best pieces of her poetry. She finally decided to put all are magnificent pieces of poetry into one cover named ‘The Ashes of Feelings’. Her second book ‘The ice is Black’ is something she says that she is already proud of.

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