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Wuhan a city of dreams, a city of affection, a city of peace, a second home by Ahmed Iftikhar.

Author Ahmed Iftikhar
Published April 2020
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Language English
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Ahmed Iftikar is born and raised in Pakistan, he had done his bachelors in Business administration from Pakistan, after bachelors he got masters scholarship in China, currently he is a student of Wuhan textile university, doing masters in logistic Engineering, before this he had also worked for different online platforms in Pakistan, he is very creative, talented person, his writing style is narrative and well written, recently he had wrote a book titled “Wuhan a City of dreams”, in this book he told his own story of living in Wuhan China under Covid-19 lock down, he explained about the beauty of Wuhan before Covid-19 and after Covid-19, Wuhan which is a tourist attraction and populous city of China has been turned into a ghost city after lock-down, he also explained the circumstances that he faced during lock down as a Pakistani student, the feeling of depression, the pain , the fear he had to go through, how he motivate himself to live under such circumstances, he wrote about the behavior of Chinese people and Pakistani government. Life is unpredictable it gives stress to understand calm, sometimes life gave a chance to give tine to your own self. This book is a motivation for all those who are away from their families, friends not because he described his own story but he also narrated the desolating stories of Chinese people during Covid-19 epidemic. Author has given a very strong message that whatever the situation is a person should stay calm and positive, trust Allah, wait patiently, worst time is not permanent it has to pass, Life always demand sacrifice, nothing great was ever accomplished until one make sacrifice. We are in a situation of war, we are together we are united. Stay Home, Stay safe!

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18 reviews for WUHAN: A CITY OF DREAMS

  1. Saad Iftikhar

    Great book and informative for many one’s like me. I really appreciate the author and wish you congratulations on this.

  2. Asad

    Great book


    Nice work.

  4. Ramsha Saleem

    An amazing piece of writing!

    The book is an inspirational for students all over the globe. I appreciate the author for letting the world know how wuhan conquer the crisis of students in such pandemic situation.

  5. eri

    Quality reading material.

  6. eri

    The best book ever written for free. Such a quality reading material in this lockdown.

  7. Mavra

    This book is absolutely phenomenal, one of the best book I’ve ever read.

  8. Tahir

    The people of China are nice, they always give help to the people of Pakistan. Live long Pakistan China friendship.

  9. Khawaja Abdul Samad

    This book is very interesting, especially for the people like me who wants to discover new cities, this book helps to get to know more about the city Wuhan, this is one of the best book written on the topic. Well done Writer !

  10. Sufyan Minhas

    Worth reading ?
    Great work by author ?

  11. Muhammad Umar Latif

    inspiring, engaging and very useful… different and refreshing… excellent and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone ?❤

  12. Abdul Wahab Khan

    Amazing book

  13. Ashba yaqoob

    Amazing book?

  14. Arham Ali

    Worth reading book
    I will recommed others too

  15. Rana Ahmed

    Wow ? So in this pandemic situation I found something really refreshing and motivating. I am going to recommend this book to one of my friend who is going to wuhan in this july but is worried as he will be away from his family at such times.

  16. Ayesha Farooq

    Amazing….well done author?
    You wrote something different and interesting, i’ll definitely recommend to others ✌

  17. Fareeha

    Interesting. China has set up a good example of prevention and control and centralized treatment to the world.

  18. Sajar Ijaz

    I got admission in wuhan, and i was bit confused should i go or not, then I found this book, thanks author this help me alot to take decision of my life.

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