Dividend Investing In Pakistan

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Author Muhammad Irfan Azam
Published February 2023
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About Book

Everyone today appreciates the need to save whether for a house, for children’s education, a wedding, or for use after retirement. All these goals can be realized through excellent financial planning. An intelligent plan entails investing your money in an appropriate combination of assets with potential to generate the income needed to achieve your goals. If you invest wisely, you can maximize the earning on your investments.

Pakistan stock exchange is a popular choice for investors in Pakistan. Pakistan’s stock market is one of the best stock markets in the world to invest and earn good money. In Pakistan, most people are resistant to invest in the stock exchange due to the political situation of the country. But believe me if this is the only reason then you are missing out on huge opportunities. In other parts of the world annual yields like 3% to 5% are considered huge but in the Pakistan Stock Exchange there are stocks that offer annual yields of 10% or more. This seems too good to be true but it’s very accurate and proven and backed by data and statistics. People are making a fortune out of it.

There are many styles of trading like day trading, swing trading and the like but this is where most of the people lose their money. Because they try to do this without proper knowledge and education. Most of such people want to get rich overnight but on the contrary they lose their savings.

Dividend investing is a long-term approach and very much suitable to people who really want to build their wealth to achieve long term goals. In this style of investing, you keep buying shares of strong companies and watch your wealth growing over time.

Dividends are returns paid to shareholders out of the profits of the company. Returns can be in the form of cash or additional shares of the company called bonus shares. Dividends are usually paid once or twice a year or quarterly depending upon the company’s profit distribution policy.

About Author

The author is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. He has studied Corporate Finance, Wealth Management and Portfolio Investing and Algorithmic Portfolio Management as part of his post graduate studies. He started stock trading and dividend investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange from 2021. He is keen to share his knowledge to guide novice investors so they can start dividend investing and make adequate investment decisions.

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