If Silence had a Voice

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This book will give you an insight to all the reflections in silence about your own self, your life, the ways to motivate yourself, true love and the things that get you out of the harsh happenings.

Author Saeeda Khoso
Published December 2020
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ISBN 978-969-749-045-5
Language English
Total Pages 84
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Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English
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About Book

There comes a time in your life when you are victim of hopelessness and discouragement. You find life as dormant. You try to figure out what you are going through and how can you incite yourself to keep going in life with unflinching hope and courage. You indulge yourself in silence to reflect upon all the happenings in your life. You begin to think about your own self, your existence, your life, and your thoughts. Thus, this book will give you an insight to all those reflections in silence about your own self, your life, the ways to motivate yourself in the tough situations, true love and the things that get you out of the harsh happenings of the real world and take you to the dream world where you feel lighter and happier. So, this book is a journey to the different voices of silence.

About Author

Belonging to Sukkur city, Saeeda Khoso is a student of Bachelors in Education at Sukkur IBA University. From her childhood, she had an observant eye that sees every aspect of life on a deeper level. Observing and experiencing the things and situations so deeply, she started to write her thoughts and perspectives about the things that she observed and experienced. As she wrote, she begin to realize that she had an inerrable love for writing and it soothed her soul. Thus, she continued writing about the real world experiences and also about the fantasies that she had in her mind. Her family, teachers, and friends always appreciated her writings and supported her to write, which kept her motivated for writing. She is an educator and a learner who loves to learn from experiences and writes her thoughts and ideas to share with others, so that everyone can learn through her experiences. Keeping in view her interest for writing and serving others, she created an educational blog named as “The Learnium”, where she shares her writings related to different subjects. And her immense love for writing led her to write this book. This book is an account of her learning acquired by observing, experiencing, and reflecting on every facet of life in silence. This book will give you an opportunity to contemplate on your own self, your life, this world, and the things that can get you down and the ways that can help you to rise up with every fall.

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1 review for If Silence had a Voice

  1. Sobia

    Each part has its own charm. As you go through the journey of book, you explore your own thoughts & emotions. It really is the voice of silence.

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