Gallery of Stars

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Through the four parts of this book, poetry takes you on a journey from the rock bottom to the highest peaks of life.

Author Himna Ahmad Khan
Published March 2020
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ISBN 978-969-7868-79-7
Language English
Total Pages 100
Paper Quality 80gsm, White Bright
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Genre Poetry, English


About Book

What is the potential of your Dreams? Do they have the power to enlighten the nightmares of reality?
Through the four parts of this book “Gallery of Stars”, poetry takes you on a journey:

From rock bottom to the highest peaks of life (specifically teenage).

From the Void to the Stars, the Star Catcher, and eventually, the Gallery of Stars.

About Author

Himna Ahmad Khan was born in the oldest city of Pakistan, Peshawar, where she spent the first few years of her life in her grandparent’s house. Today, she lives in Islamabad with her parents and three siblings.

At a young age, Himna had a love for reading novels and dreamed of writing her own one day. She had penned down numerous stories even before the age of ten. In the whirlwind of teenage, she secretly created a blog called “Catching Stars” where she was able to interact with poets and found herself addicted to poetry, something she had never even considered before.

And one day, she decided it was about time to tell people around her and use poetry to make her dream come true. Her debut poetry book ‘Gallery of Stars’ has been published here in Pakistan by Auraq Publications, in March 2020.

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5 reviews for Gallery of Stars

  1. Amina Kamran

    The sun,
    so bright,
    Yet it’s the stars,
    That light my life.
    Gallery of stars is a poetry collection by our very own Pakistani poet @himnawritess I couldn’t believe that this book is beautifully penned down by such a young and talented person.
    This book is divided into 4 sections. The first one is called “VOID.” This section comprises of poetry about love, lost and how a women lost her own identity and self in the war of love. This section also has some empowering poetries which are one of my favorite.
    Loving you was an easy fall
    Until letting go became an impossible flight
    The second section is called “STARS” This section gives you hope. The hope to come out of the void like stars always shine in the darkness.
    Our scars are not weaknesses,
    They are the soldiers,
    Of the kingdom of our hearts,
    They protect it,
    From a greater damage
    The third section is called “THE STAR CATCHER” This is about a girl who got her hopes high. She is now ready to achieve all her goals. She is unstoppable.
    There are times,
    When even the sun take refuge,
    Behind the clouds,
    But that doesn’t means it has lost,
    Any of its light.
    The last section is called “THE DREAM” It is the collection of all the stars. It was such a good time reading this book. The verses are truly mesmerizing and melting like hot chocolate in your mouth.

  2. Kanwal Ameen Rajput

    “Poetry is the beautiful disguise,
    Of some broken parts of a universe,
    That fear to be seen as vulnerable as they are.” -Galaxy of Stars ?
    Book Review: ‘Galaxy of Stars’ by Himna Ahmad Khan ?
    Rating: 3.8/5 ?
    @himnawritess was kind enough to send her newly published book my way and although it took me a while to finally post the review, I’m glad to say I really enjoyed reading her book.
    According to my past experiences on poetry books introduced by Pakistani writers, I wasn’t much impressed tbh, and somehow I was prejudice about this book as well. But it’d some amazing and heartfelt poetry which was really impressive.
    Galaxy of Stars is a collection of poetry which is divided into four parts; written in a very beautiful manner and some verses struck me with awe. Although some of the poetry was juvenile but the rest was quite thought provoking. I’m going to share some of my favorites from the book on my IG story, you can checkout if you’re interested.
    I would recommend this book if you really like light hearted poetry. And want to enjoy sheer goodness of poetry. But if you are into some classical poetry which contain extremely meaningful and deepest thoughts then you might waana skip.
    Lastly, I would really appreciate the efforts writer has given into this book and truly believe she is capable of some amazing work in her life. All the best and looking forward to more of your amazing work. ?

  3. Milishq jillani

    Been reading this book And I’ve to say what an amazing experience it was to read this hits exactly in feels It connects to the readers in every way possible wether it is falling in love, or heartbrake, Confidence, or insecurities, Love or hate, From losing someone,To not having someone love you back, To loving yourself, And accepting your flaws, And The struggle of growing up, And learning to let go, I think we all can relate to this book at some point I completed reading this in less than one hour. The book is really positive, vibrant and full of life.This is a cluster of beauty A short poetry book based on life lessons That kindles wonder in the hearts of the readers Most poem books that I’ve read till now have a title and are beautifully formed no doubt. @Himna did a fantastic job of compiling these little glimpses into people’s hearts the cover is extremely attractive and The poems are really poignant, touching,Every page tells it’s own story I think the motive was to spread more positivity about self love despite the problems andphases of life ¤ Overall, I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed much of the poetry, in the end bookmarking more than 20 poems.. I will give it 5 stars I totally loved her words♡

  4. Sana Akram

    When you tell a girl to speak quietly,
    You teach her to be afraid,
    Of her own voice,
    When you judge her attire & physique,
    You teach her to devalue,
    The streams of fine gold gushing beneath her skin,
    When you label her emotions as her weakness,
    You teach her to be ungrateful,
    For the very strength she was made out of,
    And when you pressure her to “act like a lady,”
    You make her hate the genuine role,
    She was born to play,
    And what could be more painful,
    Than to hate the way,
    That you were born. ?
    These are some beautiful lines by @himnawritess taken from her poetry book : The Gallery of Stars. ?
    The books comprises of 4 sections, filled with intense & heartfelt poetry. It is always a pleasure to read new Pakistani writers & this one specially has perceived the emotions of a woman pretty much perfectly & penned them down at such a young age. If you’re a poetry lover, then you should definitely give this one a read. I enjoyed it thoroughly ?

  5. Khadeeja

    This book is so so close to me, I want to just stuff it in my heart and never let it go. It talks about feminism, struggles of being a woman and how the society tries to get us down but it also talks about family, school, teenage and also chocolate (that one gave me this huge smile and then I read it to my little sister and we both had these gigantic smiles plastered on our faces). There are some poems in here that are so deep that my heart hurts and I want to tell the author yes and that I feel the same way and then there are some that are so badass like the one in part 2, savage, that my heart just screams ‘you go girl’. The book has four part and with each one the tone gets a little brighter and you get to see the whole process. I adore the lyrical and beautiful writing, it’s perfect. I want Himna to write a thousand more books and I wanna read them all <3

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