Soul Shadow

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A poetic composition of sonnets, couplets, free verse poems about humanity, love and care. It aims at the spread of manners that can help on with how to ply soul.

Author Qazi Akash Ahmad
Published April 2019
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ISBN 978-969-7868-25-4
Language English
Total Pages 86
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Genre Poetry,English


About Book

The Soul Shadow is a poetic composition of sonnets, couplets, free verse poems, and proses. It aims at the spread of manners that can help with how to ply soul.  Soul Shadow contains poems about humanity, brotherhood, love, care, respect, honesty, loyalty, and obedience. All of its composition has a target, to spread the reality of life and World, and let this information be at the tips of fingers to one.

About Author

Qazi Akash Ahmad is an inhabitant of Mardan, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan. He is a 17 years old boy, who stepped up as a writer and poet of soul and inspiration in 2017. He is the current student of Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Army College, Mardan. Getting enough teaching from his father, he learnt to bring out the best in himself, in every walk of life. He has been an A-plus student throughout his entire life. He has been a phonologist of The Holy Quran since 2017, reciting it in different manners. It was his love for the English language as a present and endowment of God, the Best, that made him an English writer and a young English poet.

He has numerous accomplishments. He has written sonnets, couplets, free verse, blank verse poems, short stories, and long stories as well. His focus has been on the development of the soul, and manners for better amendments in it. Losing his father in 2017 has been extremely traumatic and teaching to him. “My father had been my light, who ensured the intensity and purity of the passage, and teaching me the Best in the light of God’s teachings”, He says. After losing his father, he stepped up as a tutor, to play a minor role in the joy of the home. He has been determined, courageous and hopeful about this windy journey of life.

“Poverty and Opulence stay locked in us, whichever we adore, do unlock” ~Qazi Akash Ahmad

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