The Hearts We Never Poured Out

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The Hearts We Never Poured Out is a collection of 80 profound poems that explore life with raw honesty and emotions.

Author Eshal Butt & Abish Qamar
Published Sep 2022
Price Rs 1200 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-196-4
Language English
Total Pages 192
Paper Quality Imported Cream Book Paper
Binding Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

The Hearts We Never Poured Out is a collection of 80 profound poems that explore life with raw honesty and emotions. From love to traumas to searching for a home and the arcane soul within, the book engages every aspect of the hurdles encountered by teenagers, along with long defined gender roles engulfing the world.

Exploring various aspects of mental health problems in adolescents, the poetries dive deep into the emotions of a 21st century teenager all while delving into the heightened feelings of love and heartbreak.

In an attempt to convey the worldly issues and reach out to young minds that could perhaps, relate to the writers of this book, the Hearts We Never Poured Out is written in the midst of challenges and personal feuds in hopes to perhaps, save a soul from abandonment and rejection. You Are NOT Alone.

About Author

Eshal Butt

Eshal butt is a 16 year old completing her degree in A levels. Inspired by the well renowned Sylvia Plath and Oscar Wilde, Eshal has always indulged in poetries dealing with romance and soul searching; this inspiration lead her to write her debut as a co-author with her best friend marking the start of her career as a writer.

Abish Qamar

Abish Qamar, a 17 year old is currently enrolled in her A levels. Growing up, she was always fascinated with poets and the wordplay they form; searching for meaning in her life, and her inspiration for Sylvia Plath and Mahmoud Darwish led her to write a debut poetry collection as a co-author with her best friend.

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5 reviews for The Hearts We Never Poured Out

  1. Areesha S. (verified owner)

    Amazing poetry anthology! The poems were thoroughly enrapturing and beautifully-written. The writers really did justice to the complex themes in the book. The illustrations were also incredibly beautiful.

  2. Rabail

    beautifully written poems!!…

  3. Iman Imran Butt (verified owner)

    You guys are just amazing. These poems are written so beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this master piece. I just want you to know that I see and I really appreciate your hard work. The love and work you’ve put into this is phenomenal!!!!!!
    Keep working hard and never ever stop writing💓

  4. aimen (verified owner)

    THIS BOOK WAS SOMETHING ELSE. IT’S LIKE SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH SOMEONE’S EYES BUT THEY SEE IT THE WAY YOU DO. IT’S LIKE A BLAST OF COLOURS AND EMOTIONS ON PAPER BY WORDS. its epic. phenomenal. beautiful. saddening. colorful but dark. its something id recommend every poetry lover to read, and recognize these writers, because this book is a valuable asset to the poet community. ADIOS <3 AND AMAZING JOB ESHAL AND ABISH BESTIESS

  5. aimenwho? (verified owner)

    This is the best poetry book I’ve read so far. Hats off to the beautiful writers. It’s epic, saddening, real,dark and a bright light, all at the same time. It’s like looking at the world with someone’s eyes, but it’s actually someone who views the world like you yourself do. It’s beautiful. The drawings are pieces of art themselves, so is the cover and the whole book. It gave me a goddamn amount of joy reading it, knowing that writers like this exist and inspire the world everyday, like they inspire me. “No one wants the real themselves, however,calls the other one sham” (p.98). Thank you to the writers for this valueable asset they contributed to the poet community. I defo recommend this book to every person who’s had issues in life and loves looking at stuff w deep meaning. It’s inspirational and beautiful. Keep slaying and waiting for a new book E and A <3 TYSM FOR THIS ONE

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