Muhammad The Greatest Strategist

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This book is an analytical study of Prophet Muhammad’s foreign policy towards the North that aims to provide the Muslim perspective.

Author Saima Gul
Published December 2022
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ISBN 978-969-749-209-1
Language English
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Genre History, War, English

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About Book

This book presents a detailed analysis of the war and pace strategies of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the lens of the military expeditions outside Madinah, particularly towards the north of Arabia. Many Orientalists have tried to discuss some northern expeditions like Mauttah and Tabuk in their own way and have failed to link and differentiate these later expeditions with that of the early ones towards the north of Arabia.

This work is first of its kind, which has explained and categorized these expeditions in an integrated form and has highlighted the social, economic, strategic and psychological factors of the military policy devised by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) against the Quraysh of Makkah, the Jews of Madinah and the Christians of the Byzantine Empire. To complete this work, primary along with the secondary sources have been used to have a complete picture of the situation. Maps are included wherever needed in the running text, to enhance the value and relevance of the content.

This book caters a curious mind in every respect to understand the reasons and objectives behind the military policy of the prophet (PBUH). This will be of great interest for the students, teachers and researchers who are engaged in studying, teaching and exploring the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) particularly the reasons and objectives behind his military policy. It will be helpful for the political leaders and military strategists because these expeditions of the Prophet (PBUH) are a great source of learning for them.

About Author

The author is a graduate of Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad and a teacher by profession. She is currently teaching at International Islamic University, Islamabad. She is specifically interested in the in-depth study of European and Muslim history of conquests and expansions. This is her first book which provides an analysis of the objectives behind the military policy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and which aims to clear the misunderstandings of the orientalists regarding this subject. The intention of the author, by explaining a multi-dimensional policy in a simple way, is to target all kinds of the audiences from a layman to professional experts alike.

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