The Broken Cup

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The Broken Cup is a celebration of love, Lahore, traditions and festivities.

Author Muhammad Kamran Rifat
Published March 2021
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ISBN 978-969-749-095-0
Language English
Total Pages 238
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Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Fiction, English


About Book

One rainy evening of summer he lands his eyes on her. He could not get her image out of his mind and struggles for days to get a second glimpse of her. One day he finally finds her sitting in the cafe. When he tries to open his heart she receives a phone call and leaves the cafe. Fate takes a turn in November and he sees her at his best friend’s wedding. Mirsab found the love of his life, and after 5 years of marriage, things aren’t going as great as he’d hoped, and wakes up in a situation made for his worst nightmares.

Can he be forgiven for his shortcomings? Will he be able to prove his love once and for all?

The Broken Cup is a celebration of love, Lahore, traditions, and festivities.

“If you stand in one spot long enough, the whole world will pass by.”

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About Author

Initially, Muhammad Kamran Rifat had done Masters in Finance from Punjab University Lahore. But due to over-riding inclinations towards creative writing, he did not pursue the finance career. His father, senior journalist and article writer, Muhammad Zahid Rifat duly encouraged him to continue with creative writing and write articles. Author articles are published in leading English dailies of Pakistan ” The Nation” & ” The Post”. Now he has more than 12 years experience of in writing articles and short stories.

In pursuance of pressing urge for creative writing, Kamran joined Kingston University in London and has done Masters in Creative Writing from there. Based on his experience of writing articles and short stories, he tried his talent in writing a novel.  Through his writings, he tries to focus on and highlight the rich philosophy of Sufism and the lives of seldom discussed affluent Pakistanis. “The Broken Cup” is his second presentation, which he hopes will be liked, appreciated, and enjoyed by the readers.

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