The Biggest Sin

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Why are we hardly there for a person who is in need of help but are always nosy to the matters of a person, whose one mistake we observe ?

Author Aasma Batool
Published August 2019
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ISBN 978-969-7868-52-0
Language English
Total Pages 100
Paper Quality 80gsm, White Bright
Binding Perfect Bound,Paperback Edition
Genre Novel, Fiction, Urdu



About Book

When we see someone making mistakes differently, we like to accuse them of being the biggest sinner ever, without caring about how bigger our own sins are. Then for the utmost satisfaction of our minds, we decide the punishments for their mistakes as well. But do we actually know what exactly ‘The Biggest Sin’ is? The whole theme of the book revolves around this idea:

“…why are we hardly there for a person who is in need of help but are always nosy to the matters of a person, whose one mistake we observe?”

All the time we keep making our sin strategies to impose on others. We accuse people of committing the biggest sin when they don’t follow them. We ridicule them, mock them and punish them. In this book, the ‘biggest sin strategy’ is explained thoroughly. You will get to know how it is affecting our daily lives, how it leads to ‘The Biggest Sin’ and what can be the possible ways of overcoming both.

About Author

I realized this profound love for writing when I was eight years old. I was suffering from fever and to put my mind off, I instinctively reached for pencil and notebook to write a poem and a fictional story. That turned out to be something I really enjoyed doing. Since then I kept my journal close to me, and began pouring my heart into it whenever I wanted to.

I am also a keen observer and can’t help but observe every little matter closely and reflect upon it. This made me feel like writing this book to share the matters I have been closely following up. I have an everlasting thirst to know this Universe and myself deeply, and I mostly fulfill it through writing and reading. I am fond of art, whether it is writing, music, illustration, painting, designing or anything. My favorite writers are JK Rowling, Umera Ahmed, Sydney Sheldon and Nimra Ahmed. And I have a variety of favorite books having Harry Potter series by JK Rowling on top of the list of the fictional ones whereas Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic leading the nonfictional ones right now. I am in love with the music of Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons. My hobbies include every possible interaction with nature, hiking, reading, writing, and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, especially when I need to toss out the stuff off my head. ~Aasma Batool

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