QALANDAR: Earth Needed A Superhero

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Only a pure heart can acquire the superpower that can save the mankind from extinction and rise to become Qalandar. Will the United Nations work with an unknown person and trust his mysterious abilities for the sake of humanity?

Author Faraz Ahmed
Published January 2020
Price Rs. 799 PKR
ISBN 978-969-7868-80-3
Language English
Total Pages 170
Paper Quality Cream Color Standard Book Paper
Binding Perfect Bound,Paperback Edition
Genre Novel, Science Fiction, English


About Book

This science fiction novel called Qalandar is a cinematographic attempt to create a story that can spread a message of peace through action events. The story depicts how the lifestyle of people is affected by fear of war and lack of resources. The characters depict how family bond, love, friendship and respect for the society is important. The story blends in both spiritual and scientific aspects in a global war scenario where a family man, his neighbors, co-workers and friends are badly affected and their urge to survive and protect their families is expressed. The story also highlights similarities between the lifestyle of people living in United States with those who are living in Pakistan and their houses, cars, work routines and family rituals.

The name of the book is unique and descriptive as well. You can easily find the definition of the word Qalandar which means a person of very high moral values with a pure heart who has love & respect for all humans, animals and creatures of the world. The person prays for well being of everyone and can understand and see things which normal humans cannot. There are several books written on the topic of lal Shahbaz Qalandar but this one is totally different because this is an action-packed fiction novel.

This book highlights the role of weapons, soldiers and existential threats as well as the role of a superhero who can become a symbol of peace for the humans. If we look at the current situations of the countries that are facing the horror of war and are devasted by the echoes of pain, we can feel there is a great need of peace and prosperity but who will bring that peace and order in the world if the countries are busy fighting with each other and building more and more warheads every day.

We have also seen many superhero novels and movies and there was also a need of a prominent Muslim superhero who can also highlight the original feelings and nature of Muslim out there and the western world can understand that all humans are same and feel the same way about everything around them.

Overall this book and story is about bringing peace between humans who somehow have forgotten the importance of tolerance and social responsibilities. This is the first series of Qalandar and as the story grows the book will have another part which will be published by the end of 2020. The story digs deeper into social problems and behaviors and the dark side of human beings in the 2nd part.

About Author

There are hundreds of awesome people around the world that have inspired me to write & highlight cross cultural communication scenarios to promote a peaceful culture of acceptance, peace, trust and love. I also love to highlight the similarities between different communities and behaviors as well as differences.

It was my long time urge to become a writer and give life to my ideas and imaginations. I have been working & travelling around the world since long and I think it is time for me to put my experience, observation and exposure out for the people to see through my perspective.

I enjoy being fascinated for days after reading good stories and watching good action and superhero movies. Music has always been an essential part of my meditation. I have been very lucky to be able to travel & visit around 28 countries of the world till now, which has helped me a lot to understand different cultures and human behaviors.

I hold a master’s degree in strategic leadership and management and currently working as an international business development manager. I love to socialize, exercise, travel and play sports. I run a travel blog called with more than 60,000 followers.

Since being able to think & observe, I have realized that almost every human on earth is seeking peace and many of them keep waiting for a Messiah (Superhero), who can magically remove their pain and problems. ~FRAZ AHMED

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