Stars Made Of Storms

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A book about the tragic situations and their dealings by young girls and their search for the real home.

Author Bint e Tahir
Published July 2021
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ISBN 978-969-749-115-5
Language English
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Genre Novel, English


About Book

Stars Made of Storms

When silence falls, who hears the cries?

Living with her dad and mother, Zaini is a girl facing adversities from her childhood, but after her dad’s diagnosis of blood cancer, each thing kept becoming worse than before. She had a belief that nothing could defeat her unless she doesn’t give up, but she doesn’t know that sometimes, fate defeats. Zaini was the only money-earning woman in her house, and she never regretted her role in her entire life but when she was listening to her dad’s death news, that moment for the first time, she desired someone to be in place of her, someone else… Dad.

Abeeha is a teenager yet going to be an adult as she was 19, but so young that she still exhibited youth’s exuberance. On her departure from Pakistan, someone had put his hands on her mouth and pinched a needle-like sharp thing on her nape. She opened her eyes in an anonymous place, she had been dragged to a bearded, mustached man. Abeeha’s hand was bleeding. He held her bloody hand fiercely, chained her to the wall, stared at her for a moment, and smiled. His hands slid down on her sides and landed on her waist just above the hem of her jeans. She didn’t know what to do. She knew this would be bad.

Zaini had been shot on the way to leaving her home, her childhood cocoon. When she opened her eyes she was in a spacious room and comprehended that the people there will play a horrific game with her.

Zaini tried to escape but she has been caught and in return, the beasts there burnt her. She survived but four words were still engraved on her arms. For saying, they were just four words but deep down, they weren’t just. Those four words could destroy her life. Those four words could kill her and make her dad for her entire life while living. Those four words treat her no better than cattle or pigs. Those four words could just feed rations only enough to keep her from starving.

Those four words could get her whipped if she didn’t work hard enough. Those four words could beat her until her back would become a bloody mass of open flash in front of everyone else. Those four words could just let her sleep on bare wooden floors with a thin blanket and could let her rise at the crack of dawn to work all day. Obviously, by the grace of those four words in a world full of cruel slavery, she would have been targeted for rape several times while the world and her remaining so-called family would be unaware of her or they wouldn’t be interested in saving her. Or they wouldn’t have enough time for saving her or maybe deep down her so-called family could also be enjoying her. And those four words were just SOLD.

Will they become the victim or the warrior? Is it too late to resist?

An excellent book about the tragic situations and their dealings by young girls and their search for the real home.

About Author

Binte Tahir is a sixteen-year-old author, writes poetry in English, Urdu, and Arabic. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, she belongs to an open-minded family. She dreamed of a charming future but, early on, something frowned upon in her middle-class household. She moved along some hardships, which left her with post-traumatic stress disorder for some years of her life. This marked a transition in her early life from one carefree childhood to one with relative uncertainty. Despite her life being dogged by some adversities, she is very generous and has dreamed of an artistic career. In the deadly silences, she led her to herself. She led her to need her own heart. She led her to her own voice. She began to ferment social and domestic life, ideas, injustice, and a need for retaining the child as a child, not an adult.

She has embraced a responsibility to speak about the things we humans face and experience but lacks the courage of the expression to speak those out. She tries to balance her words and lines in a manner that may give her readers a vein and intense feelings of relatability. She describes the home as a place not only for living but where the soul and heart feel at peace. As a metaphor, her story is the first inkling.

As well as being a humanistic novelist, she always tries to become a humanitarian, in real life. She brings the real-life characters and the modern era, obstacles in her novel to make the book readers, especially the ones who mentally love to live in an academy that smells wood and old books at the head of a secret society, aware of the joys of real life. She writes realistically about children tackling problems and experiencing emotions that readers could empathize with. She wants to technically arrange the ink lines on a page to make the readers feel the same feelings they felt in their real lives.


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4 reviews for Stars Made Of Storms

  1. Asbah Talal

    The book, Stars Made of Storms, was an incredible experience to read from the suspense to the life lessons conveyed. The plot, as well as the poetry throughout the book, was both excellent. It has its heart-touching moments. When I got to a particular point in the novel, I was eager to find out what happens to Zaini and Abeeha. The attention to detail astounded me. It is a well-written novel, and I was blown away by the ending and plot twists. Abeeha and Zaini have gone through a lot of character development, and it’s been enjoyable to read about their journey. The book answers important questions that everyone faces at some point in their lives. Furthermore, when confronted with physical hardship, it is vital to maintain mental control. In certain ways, the mind is significantly more powerful than the body. I think this book demonstrates that very well. I highly recommend it.

  2. Tayba Waseem

    I have started reading your novel and the way you set up your characters are just perfect. I have completed this by reading day and night as at every page there was something new which made me keep reading.

  3. Bint e.Rizwan

    Tbh I m not a real fan of reading books but this master piece “Stars made of storms” was the best experience for me.i was lost in it as I was curious to find out what happens in the end. Each word is arranged in perfect way with the little touch of poetry that is making it more fascinating. It includes all the important clues for the one facing tragedies in their life
    My fav novel up till now.

  4. Bint.e.Rizwan

    I m not a real fan of reading books but this master piece Stars made of storms was the best experience for me. I was lost in it as I was curious to find out what happens in the end. Each words is arranged in a perfect manner with the little touch of poetry that makes it more fascinating. It includes all the important clues for the one who is facing tragedies in their lifes
    My fav novel up till now

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