Life Crushes you but you need to STAND UP

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The concept of someone writing for a living nature is very informative. I decided to start writing books because it’s my most favorite work ever. ~MA Shaikh

Author M.A. Shaikh
Published December 2021
Price Rs 1000 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-156-8
Language English
Total Pages 94
Paper Quality Imported Cream Color Book Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Fiction, English


About Book

The concept of someone writing for a living nature is very informative. I decided to start writing books because it’s my most favorite work ever.”

“I think it partly stems from the fact that writing is a function and a skill.”

“I have written many books online but as we all know that online writing wants stories not a proper book. So, I decided to publish my book in a proper way of book so I’m here”
“My online books have also many views i.e. more than 10k+ . So then I decided to publish my book in a book form.”
Hope so you’ll all like this book. Best wishes to all of you.


About Author

I’m M.A. Shaikh, and I’m a writer and an Author.”
“I write the books on Life i.e. what is the life actually, how we need to live our lives and how we solve our problems.” “I’m a Writer”
“I write about some Tasks of Life and ways for living a life in a positive way mostly. I’ve written many books online but now I want to publish my book in a proper way.”

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6 reviews for Life Crushes you but you need to STAND UP

  1. Asma Imtiaz

    Assalam o Alakum dear sister mashallah say Ap ny buht effort ki h Allah Pak ap ko kamyabiyaan atta karain Ameen

  2. M.A. Shaikh


  3. Muhammad Moaz

    The content is very unique, this book is having a lot of thinking and lessons. Everyone that found it, he must read it. It’s all magical.❤️

  4. Humayun Ayoub

    In this book, writer has tried to write down some very insteresting ideas and words in too simple and relateable way. According to me; It is also difficult to convey very deep messages in simple words, and to maintain consistency so that the reader can understand and learn these ideas. This book hold such experiences.
    It is collection of random thoughts about comman man’ s daily life.
    Reading such light read books before going to bed is my favorite pastime!
    Too short
    Too deep
    Too relateable
    Too enjoyable!

  5. Syeda Iqra

    “//Would you eat a whole pizza in one mouthful? Probably not!

    In a similar fashion, some problems are simply too big to chew all at once. A useful technique for solving complex problems is drilling down into the detail and continuing until each piece becomes manageable. Once you have a set of manageable pieces, solve each individually.”
    The title of the book “Life crushes you but you need stand up” clearly defines the purpose of writing this book.This book is written in a simple way, the hard life is explained in easy language.
    This book explains how we need to live our lives and how we can solve our problems. Sufferings and hardships can be meaningful because sometimes we learn good things from hard times, the important things is to learn from it and move on in your life with the better version of yourself.
    If you are having a problem in dealing with your problems do give this book a read, it will help you to become a stronger person.
    This book can’t be read in one sitting, if you want to take some help then you should read 2-3 pages daily, it will help you to understand your problems and provide you with an easy solution.

  6. Milishq jillani

    Been reading this book And I’ve to say what an amazing experience it was. I am still at a loss for words when it comes to describing this work. I’ll start by saying that the message of was so true all throughout these pages. The range of lessons shown in these hits its mark time and time again, and makes this a widely accessible piece. The author’s words seamlessly fill one’s soul with the comfort it is craving, as well as the healing you didn’t even know you were in need of. Book embedded with wisdom to motivate and elevate you help you think and grow wholeheartedly. The first time I read this book I found it so deep and relatable. It’s so beautiful and rare to experience something like that. this book itself is an journey. I found myself more than once and over and over again as I read through the pages and so will you. It is always a pleasure to read Pakistani writers. The words written will represent you and will speak for you and in it you will find your voice and the words you are unable to express but can only think of. You will see your reflection and recognize your truth in a way that will encourage you to be more of who you are and what you stand for and less of what others think you should be. I appreciate such thoughtfulness. This book is tied in with finding that when everything stops and out of nowhere appears to be unique. It is tied in with tracking down your own enlivening. It has been beautifully written.

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