HR With Heart

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HR with Heart for entrepreneurs and organisations growth.

Author Afra Farooqi
Published September 2020
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ISBN 978-969-749-014-1
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About Book

The book “HR with Heart” by Arfa Farooqi in a very transparent way systematizes knowledge in the field of Human Resources Management. A title of this book is adequate to the content, but in itself indicates how important a person in the organization is. As in the human body, the most important organ of the circulatory system is heart, and here we can refer ‘heart’ metaphorically to a man who need to play significant rule in an organization, but also about an approach that is to make every employee feel important, motivated, and valuable in an organization. Therefore, the title of the book very precisely, clearly and vividly represents the intentions of book author.

In today’s world, a good company pays great attention to how customers are treated and what style of interpersonal contacts is cultured inside. As E. Deming said, “The development of quality people should be the beginning of any quality development program in general.”

The contents of this book reflect on the importance of HR in the company. Each company needs to have a Human Resources department or it should use an external company for employee recruitment and selection processes.

The role of HR departments in companies is although generally perceived as necessary and important, still it raises some controversy. The construction of such departments, especially in smaller companies, is still debatable. How much is HR department creation needed? What does HR bring to an organization? What should it do? However, an efficient HR department is a place where individuals work with people and for people. Today’s HR departments are completely different units than those created 10-15 years ago to implement personnel policy covering HR and payroll. Today’s HR department wants to recruit the best employees and later develop them, motivate and keep them working in the long run. For this to happen, you need not only a lot of commitment, but also the knowledge of basic mechanisms that govern people and relationships between them. In large companies, the HR department is already a kind of standard, while smaller ones cannot always afford to create such structure. However, it is always worth trying to do it, because in the initial phase of creating a company, a lot of significant decisions are made including those regarding employment in other key positions which will later affect the functioning of the entire company.

Everything formed in the company, including products, services and all ideas are created by the men. That is why human capital is one of the most important organizational resources and a source for the success of a company. Nowadays, in a constantly changing environment, both the knowledge and attitude of staff and the motives that lead them to perform better work, higher productivity and development count. Employees’ competencies and their commitment to work are becoming key factors in the production and progress. Therefore, a company that wants to grow and gain an advantage in a competitive market must pay a special attention to the treatment of employees in more decent ways. This can reflect in increasing competitiveness, quality of products and services and an emphasis on the willingness to adapt changes.

This book can be seen in these ways;

  1. Assessment of thematic scope and topics undertaken in the book:

The HR with Heart concerns important issues in the era of intensified changes in broadly understanding of HR.

  1. Scientific evaluation of the book:

The book is a contribution in the cognitive penetration of contexts of modern human resource management. Chapters on organizational culture and motivation are also important.

  1. Assessment of work composition:

The composition of the book is beyond doubt.

  1. Assessment of the subject, terminology used:

The layout of the subject matter and the terminology used to exhaust the features of scientific work characteristic of management science in the humanities. The book shows a large contribution of the author’s own work.

  1. Title selection evaluation:

The division into chapters bearing titles from the point of view of the composition of the whole is logically consistent.

  1. Conclusion on the desirability of publication:

Publication of the reviewed book in my opinion is reasonable and purposeful. The work will certainly join a quite large and growing group of publications dealing with human resource management topics.


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