Neuroscience of Mind Empowerment

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The effective strategies of this book’s model of ‘Mind Empowerment’, awarded numerous accolades, have been carefully reviewed and justified by many experts in this field.

Author Anees Akhtar , Prof. Dr. Nasim Khan
Published September 2020
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ISBN 978-969-7868-98-8
Language English
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Genre Neuroscience, Mind Sciences, English


About Book

The majestic power of words and ideas in this book fulfil Nikola Tesla’s exultant statement:

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart, like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success”. Nikola Tesla.

“It is the sign of a good book when the book reads you”. Søren Kierkegaard.

Embrace this book as it is privileged to have a breakthrough in the field of ‘Mind Sciences’ — an innovation in the self-support industry, winning ‘Multiple International Awards’ in 2018 – 2019:

  1. NYC Big Book Award.
  2. Book Excellence Award.
  3. Independent Press Award.

It presents efficacious messages and energy in its words, innovative thoughts and ideas that have the ability to empower and heal a dysfunctional mind and transform you into a prosperous, healthy, blissful, super-functional being. It also has therapeutic support for minds with neurodegenerative diseases.

The strategy of goal setting, applied with strong healing, inspirational and epitomizing effects of Music Therapy and Meditation will reinforce human epigenetics and positively alter human DNA and its gene expression. With optimistic and positive thoughts, you can rebuild your genetics and body according to the determination, goals and aims of your life.

Consequently, instead of living a life at the mercy of your predisposed genetic makeup for many illnesses, social and mental misfortunes, as well as negative thoughts, you can live a life of health, wealth, and happiness. Feeding your mind with positive thoughts, attitudes, a humble gratitude of rewarding virtue, encompassed within the energy of healing synchronization of your mind, that has 1000 Terabytes of memory-holding capacity, will make your brain a powerful mind-magnet, attracting an ample amount of positive healing energy to start a healthy chain reaction of new therapeutic chemicals in your body and mind.

These will not be like your previous negative reactions that were harming your mind and body’s physiology and anatomy. As soon as you start channelling new energy into your body through positive thoughts, emotions and feelings, you will definitely be less prone to predisposed genetic makeup for misery and misfortune.

Now, you are tapping new strategies for overcoming your negative behaviour and attitude, which is already affecting your DNA and gene expression and is beginning to suppress many lethal genes that were predisposed to trigger illnesses like Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Schizophrenia and numerous Neurodegenerative Diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s as well as Dyslexia, Autism and Depression.

Now, as you are in the process to improve your fate and fortune, you need to follow the rules and disciplines of the ‘Neuroscience of Mind Empowerment’. This book, with its Models of Abundance, prepares you to achieve high aims and goals in your life to get a thriving, vigorous, affluent and prosperous life with positive attitude by:

  1. Art of Creativity and Intuition.
  2. Goal Setting.
  3. Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity.
  4. Meditation and Music Therapy.

The effective strategies of this book’s model of ‘Mind Empowerment’, awarded numerous accolades, have been carefully reviewed and justified by many experts in this field. Successful input of this effective software-like model of ‘Mind Empowerment’ in your ‘soft-wired mind’ will give you a substantial output and impact in your life in the form of abundance, health, and happiness.

Ultimately, you could monitor the positive effects of this neuroplasticity in your mind via MRI scans of your brain in clinical settings. As a virtue of your willpower and positive attitude, you will experience gradual changes in the anatomy and physiology of your mind. Spiritually, psychologically, you will feel integrated with your community, culture and ideology.

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