Reality Dyed in Fiction

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Reality Dyed in Fiction captures this beauty of life in a captivating and mesmerizing manner. It is a book to cherish, a book to enjoy, and a book of pleasure.

Author Beenish Mahmood
Published November 2021
Price Rs 1000 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-153-7
Language English
Total Pages 72
Paper Quality Imported Cream Color Book Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Fiction, English


About Book

This anthology is very dear to my heart and I hope the reader will enjoy the read. It is a light, entertaining read, allowing the reader to be transported into another world, free of all cares and worries. It is a mix of comedy and serious writing but mostly fun to read.
The book was inspired by real life experiences. It really is reality that has been given a colour of fiction as suggested by the name.
I compiled the anthology over 10 years. I had always wanted to print it but never really got around to executing the project until recently.
I created the anthology through a sharp observation of life, characters, environments, television, culture and much more. Though not completely original in terms of the idea at the center of each story yet the manner I executed it in, the style of writing, the descriptions of characters and environment were true and exquisite at the same time.

Everything stems from a seed. I sowed the seed of imagination and it led to the growth of a sturdy tree with its branches spread in all directions. The stories are real. They are true to life. And life is predictable yet unpredictable. There is no certainty in life. And it is this uncertainty that makes life beautiful.
Reality Dyed in Fiction captures this beauty of life in a captivating and mesmerizing manner. It is a book to cherish, a book to enjoy, and a book of pleasure. Putting my thoughts and ideas to paper and then making it available to the surrounding people as a book was an experience of its own kind and I hope the readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
In short, it was a magical affair between the author and her imagination. A great adventure indeed! Reality Dyed in Fiction!

About Author

I have a double Master’s in English Literature. I graduated with A grade in Creative Writing during my Master’s degree in English Literature from The Beaconhouse National University and received A grade on my thesis in Environmental Studies in my second Master’s in English Literature from Kinnaird College. I am passionate about writing and reading South Asian Fiction, especially in relation to Environmental Studies. I write on issues related to magazine journalism, such as film/book/art/restaurant/fashion reviews and creative writing. My mission is to achieve the highest possible rank in my area of expertise and to attain a firm hold on my writing skills by practicing different styles and forms of writing coupled with light-hearted reading for children.
Reality Dyed in Fiction is my debut book. I am currently working on another book and I hope I can complete it by the end of 2022.
I have a diverse experience from teaching to setting up a library to attending creative writing courses and studying environmental studies in South Asian Fiction.

Although magazine journalism is my area of expertise yet I am not afraid to experiment with other forms of writing, primarily fiction. I like to take up challenges and explore my abilities to the fullest. I dare to venture into the unknown, for I firmly believe that it is important to step out of the comfort zone to realize your potential to its maximum.
I graduated from the best school in Lahore, The Lahore Grammar School. From College to University to workplace, I had the opportunity to be taught by the best teachers and bosses. I am what I am today because of my teachers.
To conclude, the journey to seeing my book in print was exciting and gratifying and I hope I receive a welcoming response from the readers across the country and across the world.

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