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Your Guide Book To Making New Friends via Facebook.

Author Rehan Allahwala
Published March 2019
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ISBN 978-969-7868-21-6
Language English
Total Pages 96
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Binding Softbound Paperback
Genre Social Media, Education



About Book

Meeting new people can be a very rewarding experience. In the past, we had limited tools with which to do so, and, on occasion, were taught that we should not talk to strangers. Technology and tools have advanced to such a degree, that the whole paradigm of communication is forever altered. We can now immediately connect to people from all over the world.

About Author

I was born in Pakistan, a country of 200 Million people. Coming from an Entrepreneurial family, My father taught me to be independent, I sold candies in our neighborhood at 8, Stationary to my school mates at 10 & started my first company selling Commodore 64 games at 13. I later made Modem & Voice Digitizes at 16 & did 51 different ventures by the time I was 36, when I retired and started teaching via the internet, everything I know mainly Entrepreneurship.

With the money that my telecom company makes, I started a foundation that help’s people find their dreams, and help’s them fulfill them via Entrepreneurship, I also started a school to teach a billion people basic literacy via Mobile Phone. All of this leads to my ultimate mission in life of ending poverty, worldwide. ~Rehan Allahwala

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