Gul – The Flower

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This is the story of GUL, not only one or two but of all the Gul around the Globe.

Author Cydrah Asad
Published December 2020
Price Rs 799 PKR
ISBN 978-969-7868-84-1
Language English
Total Pages 100
Paper Quality 80gsm White Bright Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Fiction, English


About Book

This is the story of GUL, not only one or two but of all the Gul around the Globe. This is a small initiative to give voice to the unsung, unheard, underprivileged people, who get lost in the pages of history. Their pain, their losses, and their tears are never seen, never discussed. To all the lovely people who feel this way, my dear, Gul is for you.

About Author

Cydrah Asad is a writer by passion living in Lahore Pakistan. The author is Lecturer by profession and working in a prestigious institute of Gulab Devi Educational Complex Lahore, teaching biological sciences.

Being a biologist never hindered her love for literature, she loves reading and aims to read as much as she can. Reading others enhances her passion to write, her dream is to be read over the globe. She dreams to become a well-known author of great books and a source of spreading peace through her piece of arts.

She had worked on a short story about autism awareness. Sidra is writing since she known the art of holding pen, her dimensions took her into a different field but she believes her soul resides in art and literature. Writing poems, essays, speech/debates, columns and articles helped her build her confidence. Motivation of her family and friends was always boosting her to excel further. Actively participating in performing arts throughout her academic career built her confidence even more that she continued being stage secretary/host for shows that her college supported her to organize. She believes her skills are God-gifted and they were polished by her mom, teachers, friends and all the good people in her life.

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