Full Moon

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Full Moon inspires the reader to venture into the dark only to see that the moon is always full.

Author  Himna Ahmad Khan
Published March 2021
Price Rs 850 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-053-0
Language English
Total Pages 108
Paper Quality Cream Color Standard Book Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

Full Moon is written and illustrated by modern-verse poet, Himna Ahmad Khan, the poems of Full Moon revolve around dreams, writing, love, faith, and perspective, all as the route to happiness in life.
It associates joy with the Full Moon; radiant, tranquil, and complete in its own self.
Full Moon inspires the reader to venture into the dark only to see that the moon is always full.

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1 review for Full Moon

  1. Alina Azhar

    “Don’t coat me in dull colors of reality,
    When I’m painted as the characters,
    Of the book I’m reading.”

    This book was honestly such a beautiful piece of poetry. I really felt that the words were taking to me and sharing the emotions. 🥺 From dreams to perspective, from faith to love, this poetry book weaved a beautiful picture of emotions. ❤️

    I also loved how the author shared her love and passion about writing. While reading that phase, I could totally relate to the fact that sometimes, the heart starts beating so fast and the writers feel the world stop around them, just so they could pen down their emotions. ❤️

    “My pen is a curious traveler of this universe,
    And my words are the footprints it leaves behind.” 👣🌠

    Along with a mesmerizing cover, the book also had unique illustrations within. And can I just say the phase dividers have my heart. The black pages with white illustrations and writing, ahhh my heart…😭❤️

    Sharing my favorite lines which I could relate to the most;
    “My heart does not allow travelers,
    With a visit visa,
    So enter my gates,
    At the choice,
    Of becoming,
    A permanent resident.” 💯

    I absolutely loved reading your words, Himna. It was such beautiful experience.

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