Chase of Beauty

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It is a collection of poetry that explore unparalleled suffering and beauty in the dark times and I am creating the light I always needed. ~Konab

Author Konab Ghumman
Published November 2022
Price Rs 1200 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-207-7
Language English
Total Pages 72
Paper Quality Imported Cream Book Paper
Binding Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

In this collection of poetry, I try to explore raw emotions, unedited beauty of dark times and journey of self discovery. Readers will observe how unparalleled suffering turns into inner strength, and personal transformation. We must find ourselves and know our truth in order to learn our purpose. This poetry book will engage you to think and feel, show you how to love yourself, and encourage you to seek out the hope and beauty in the world and in yourself. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love, especially in difficult times. ~ Konab

About author

Konab Ghumman is a writer from Sialkot, who believes to write honestly about the beauty that arises from the contrasts of life. She believes everybody has own way to express feelings, we all have stories to share, some people make a book of stories, some convert in poetry and some of them become story teller. From love, and loss, to joy and regret, she has dedicated herself to turning the human gesture into poetry. This is my second collection of poem and first collection of writing is going to published under Auraq Publications Self Publishing Platform.


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