Captive to Words

 800 PKR

A collection of poetry and  words that turned into phrases and scenarios that author experienced and some heard from people.

Author Umber Pervaiz
Published August 2020
Price Rs 800 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-001-1
Language English
Total Pages 64
Paper Quality Whit Bright 80gms
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

Art has different forms and we express it in our unique ways. Some use senses we have been gifted for worldly purposes, yet there is so much more to our senses then we know. We are more of emotional beings than physical beings. Words have no meaning, the way we use them defines alot about the person to whom it’s spoken to and the one who speaks. My greatest inspiration was Mr. William Shakespeare. He was a man of wonders he moulded the phrases in a beautiful manner that ones who understood them learned what a human brain holds. The book is a collection of different poetries inspired by people around me. People I met, people I loved and strangers who said things without saying.

These poetries are few collection of words that turned into phrases and scenarios that I experienced and some heard from people. World is a place of wonders I might not travelled alot but I have seen it with eyes of beholder and the books have led me to the places where all magic happens. I hold a great respect for people who have put their imagination on a piece of papers and had made us all experience what we wouldn’t have otherwise. I hope people who read these poetries experience what I had experienced reading the books of great people before me and more to come.

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