A Wild Soul Ripped In Sunflower

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The book is written by an emotional heart. This book is divided into two parts: “Vehement” and “Endeavor”.

Author Zehra Imran
Published July 2021
Price Rs 1000 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-128-5
Language English
Total Pages 130
Paper Quality Imported Cream Color Book Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

A Wild Soul Ripped in Sunflower is the book of complaints, loneliness, wilderness, sadness, hope, and happiness.
We all are not always aware of our emotions,
We are not always ready to face them.

An Emotional heart has written this book. This book is divided into two parts: “Vehement” and “Endeavor”.

Vehement consists of all the intensity and suffering one bear while Endeavor is the next stage, where the heart is now cured.

I added sunflower to my title because
She is wild
She is emotional and broken
But she is a sunflower
No matter how much darkness encircles her.
She will always hope for the sun to make her bloom.

“A wild soul ripped in sunflower”

About Author

Dreams are often higher than opportunities. Zehra Imran, a 17-year-old is a dreamer of fantasy who knows how to turn those dreams into reality. She is a warrior fighting against various battles, her victory is near.
She has been writing when she was 5. Nobody knew that this 5-year-old girl was going to be a writer someday except for her mother. She is a writer today just because of her mother who worked over her English literacy.
“A Wild Soul Ripped in Sunflower” is her first book published by Auraq Publications.

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