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A collection of poetry written over a time period of three years. Having no specific order, the book covers themes of loneliness, happiness, joy, heartbreak and love.

Author Sarah Pirzada
Published July 2020
Price Rs 600 PKR
ISBN 978-969-7868-94-0
Language English
Total Pages 60
Paper Quality Whit Bright 80gms
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

Unalome is revolved around teenagers who live in Islamabad, living a modern life, making memories, and trying to build a future for themselves. -It shows the reality of life, of what teenagers nowadays are going through, but don’t have the courage to talk about. It’s about how teenagers have ignored their Islamic principles at the cost of temporary happiness. The story shows how teenagers do face ignorance and loneliness. It’s not about the parties, the crazy and perfect life that we think teenagers experience, but it’s the sad reality of what our teenagers, our generation are going through. Life isn’t that easy and every single one of these teenagers in this story goes through stuff and faces their own difficulties in a way. Difficulties that our readers could relate to.

The book “Unalome” is about a girl who gets into a relationship with a guy which leads things out of control. Her best friend tries to be the perfect daughter and tries to live her dream. Then their best friends face the harsh reality of life and just finds a way to live another day in this sad world. And finally, the rich girl who thinks her life is perfect has a set future and doesn’t really have to do much as she thinks nothing could damage her life. Each of them has their own story, connected with one another, trying to cope up with life.

This book is for our young generation who are going through different and difficult problems in their life. This book is great for readers who would relate to the problems of the characters. It’s a message for our youth that they can learn to overcome from them. It reminds us that the path isn’t always straight, perfect, or even in the right direction. Our paths to awakening are filled with missteps and lessons to learn. And we should never lose hope. Just have to trust faith and keep breathing. It might work out in the end.

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