Thirteen Hours to Fly

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Thirteen hours to fly is philosophical collection of poetry and prose that serves as a beautiful and resonating souvenir.

Author Schone Bethal
Published December 2020
Price Rs 799 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-059-2
Language English
Total Pages 158
Paper Quality 80gsm White Bright Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

Thirteen hours to fly is philosophical collection of poetry and prose that serves as a beautiful and resonating souvenir. Filled with ethereal illustrations by Scharlay Winstenna. The author divides this book into three parts; first seven hours, next five hours and lastly the thirteenth hour, that have the respective narratives of time and flights of the soul through confusing haze, halted growth, seeking a revival and reminder for every soul about the enigmatic complexities conjured by the human heart, subconscious brain that ultimately lead to the destruction of their subtle souls. Consequently, arriving at a phase of human nature that explores itself through agony, embracing of uncertainty and difficult times, realizations, self-development and growth, change, power, and eventually the resiliency of oneself that comprehends only one thing that our nature of the soul may be delicate but it’s entirely invincible.

The book is further divided into the last part where it explores the bewildering notions of love, nerve wrenching emotions and affections that destroy the wings of our souls where it starts flying blinding towards what it is attracted by. It also comprehends that everything is illusionary when one flies beyond the secret skies of love to find something that has no source but a harsh fall. Lastly, the book ends with serving several messages which comprehend the notions of time and finally finding the real kind of revival.

About Author

Schone Bethal is a young philosophical writer, and a poet from Pakistan, also a photographer, editor, a university student and an active  social entrepreneur running a small scale enterprise called Angels to the rescue Pakistan which aims at helping people and permeate awareness of mental health. Schone started writing poetry when he was in his early teenage time and with the passage of time when he had the affinity and fantasy for exploring profound human nature and it’s depiction and relation with photography through which his further writings and poems were inspired and influenced. He has written columns and poems for local magazines and contributed in a famous youth and art magazine called Andaaz magazine with a philosophical article that also had the narratives of nature with a relation of our lives.

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14 reviews for Thirteen Hours to Fly

  1. Naaman Gill (verified owner)

    Just ordered this. And I just know it’s going to be awesome so excited!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Abid Chand

    Can’t wait for this amazing book to be in my hands ❤️❤️❤️ Pretty sure I’m gonna fall in love

  3. Shumaila

    Just started reading on e-book and I’m in absolute love with the book

  4. Tariq Thoma

    Curious to read this book

  5. Nasreen Abid

    Just finished reading it and I can’t express how amazing of a book this was, each topic that is comprehended in such a manner just strikes into the right place ❤️ Beginning from the creation narrative and to the illusionary narrative ❤️ I was gobsmacked

  6. Roxy Chand

    So let’s start plain, couldn’t wait to finish my Nephews book and leave a feedback here even though I purchased the book from ? I wish I could fill Infinite pages explaining how pure and sentimental and natural a poetry book could be than this one is. Perfect title and it does justice to the main theme and each thought, poem and prose that I personally love ? my favourite part was initially The “First Seven hours” form which one of my poems were “Changing phases of moon like the heart” and “anxiety” and “immortality
    Of the soul” and special mention for “lost were the times but found were the hearts” ;the way these bewitched me to love every poem and though
    Poured in that chapter was astronomical ?
    With time meanwhile reading , the second part which is “Next five hours” ; which truly comprehend And alluded the real theme Of the book by Schone portraying such emotional and personally relatable topics. ❤️❤️❤️
    Last part “Thirteenth hours” perfectly concluded the book by serving
    Some important messages and things about our soul heart and Brain ❤️❤️❤️

    Rating it 5/5 ⭐️

  7. Nayab Nadeem

    This book made my Christmas holidays more beautiful!! Each chapter brought a new hope and shine and each chapter belongs to some kind of nature. GIVE IT A READ, Highly recommended !

  8. Elvis Peter

    Nothing is better when a cousin writes a book and it’s a debut book like this…… amazing ???? rating it 5/5 ! Recommending to all readers

  9. Schonica Sybbel

    Just finished reading my brothers book and immensely overwhelmed by the concept and theme and idea of the book ??? favourite part “next five hours”. A masterpiece ??????

  10. Rehana Peter

    You know when a book elucidates the narratives of beginning of this universe and it’s relation with our personal lives, that’s art and that’s pure magic and utmost talent and only Thirteen hours to fly has that thing preserved init ❤️

  11. Shaleem dewan (verified owner)

    My fav ?

  12. Aiman Nadeem (verified owner)

    I gotta say it’s very nice. Nothing is better than this book. Recommended 100 percent. Thanks for this amazing book. 📙❤️👌😊

  13. Unera Adeel


  14. Nida Adeel (verified owner)

    Amazing book!! Loved reading it ❤️

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