Serenade X Saudade

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It is collection book of prose and poetry which focuses on various topics by young energetic Majda Ulfat.

Author Majda Ulfat
Published November 2020
Price Rs 899 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-042-4
Language English
Total Pages 184
Paper Quality 80gsm White Bright Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

Serenade X Saudade is a collection book of prose and poetry which focuses on various topics. It will take you from favorable plains of dreams, paths (Serenade)to the roads of dark abyss of taboos (X) which has light concealed within its dark and it will to high and rough cliffs of longing and making peace with the void and the longings(Saudade).

About Author

Majda Ulfat is 24 year old student, born in Islamabad. She is currently studying medicine. Over the years she found her interests and passion for writing and poetry. She believes in “poetry therapy” she believes in healing power of poetry and its ability to bond with human emotions and she is in constant effort to strengthen this bond by writing. She hopes that through her writings people can relate and heal each other.

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9 reviews for Serenade X Saudade

  1. M .Huzefa

    It was such a beautifully written book from the title to the book cover and from content to illustrations everything was so good.There were so many things I could relate to and it was perfect balance between emotional and rational thinking.

  2. Fazeelashaheen

    This is book so fantastic every word every line every sentence and even dot of this book is so breathtaking. After reading it twice i am ready to read it again as it is so healing book for me. I think this book is best for all the reader. This is a great book for all the reader from a great author. Thank you so much of this book author. She is fabulous person and author. Please publish more books in the future. I am waiting for your next book.

  3. Fariyal Afzal

    So a very dear friend of mine just sent me this marvellous piece of poetry which is beautifully written by very talented poetess.
    I’ve not read it completely but I got the scenerio that depicts about reality ?and “never stop dreaming” …Welldone?

  4. Iqra Batool

    SERENADE X SAUDADE is written beautifully by one of my best persons.? This book contains three sections. each section is explained is a splendid manner. The poetry is quiet close to nature.??
    SERENADE portion gives hopes and life to a dead soul? SAUDADE brings makes you feel with your dear ones?? X section is marvellous as well?
    thank you soo much Author for writing such a miraculous book.??????

  5. Javeria adan

    It was a stunning ,extraordinary book by someone I respect a lot.Its content just comforted me.For me it is a medicine for curing stress.Thanks a lot to her for writing it…….want her to give us more books as soon as possible

  6. Hina Ali

    I recently received it. It was outstanding and amazing book.I could relate to most of them . Job well done author????More power to you hoping to read more books by you?❤

  7. Aamna Khan

    beautiful book!!! highly recommended.

  8. Asmah jamil

    So I’m finally done reading this amazing book.The poetess so brilliantly penned down her emotions.She played so beautifully with the words.The illustrations were too good.TO BE HONEST,I CAN’T STOP MYSELF FROM READING IT AGAIN AND AGAIN
    I would highly recommend it

    Lots of love,

  9. Arwa Rafique

    A beautifully depicted emotional journey by Majda Ulfat, where any one cna easily connect. A good book of poetry and prose for those having appetite of knowledge.

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