Orchard of Raining Petals

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The languid pace of poems and pervasive nostalgia makes the collection unique. The past is lived in the present with joyous recollection.

Author Sadiqullah Khan
Published October 2022
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ISBN 978-969-749-134-6
Language English
Total Pages 424
Paper Quality Imported Cream Book Paper
Binding Hardback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

The poems were written many years ago during my stay in Gigilt-Baltistan. I got the first edition published from Aquillrelle, Belgium and the book is now available on international platforms. Close to my heart as one of my most indulgent experience of life while living in pristine culture with unbound beauty of nature and human. Spiritually elating and intensely meditative the sights and visions are overwhelming. Hardly any words of poetry or art can reach to appreciate it let alone imitate. The whole region strikes you with religious awe as the landscapes ascend and descend beneath the vault of infinite skies. Every now and then I was face to face with divine manifestation.

The poems are a humble attempt to give expression to what I thought and perceived. The diction is simple and easily understandable. Like my other works it is dated with name of the place. An added feature are explanations at the end of poems with no citations. This is poetry after all and needs little references. While posting my poems in media groups and my personal page I would add certain relevant art that have been mentioned with the name of the website. Since this was the scheme of original writing so I have maintained it. Any deviation can be termed as sprezzatura. The second edition has gone through editing and it revealed that the first version has mistakes which I beg your forgiveness for. ~Sadiqullah Khan

About Author

Dr. Sadiqullah Khan Wazir is a prolific writer of English verse. Eleven published collections and a translation in Sindhi. This is his tenth book. His is distinct genre of bringing in complex themes in highly structured and stylised composition. His poems are dated with place of conception. Human condition, random thought, beauty, love and spirituality are his subjects. In rhythmic percussion he takes his poems to melodious heights. Contemporary and upbeat his current collection is a masterpiece. He belongs to Wana, South Waziristan and serves in civil service of Pakistan.

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