Never Ending Thoughts

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“NEVER ENDING THOUGHTS” this book itself is an journey. The journey of a girl who grew with time.

Author Tehreem Ijaz
Published May 2021
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ISBN 978-969-749-113-1
Language English
Total Pages 152
Paper Quality 80gsm Imported White Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English


About Book

“NEVER ENDING THOUGHTS” this book itself is an journey. The journey of a girl who grew with time. It’s not just a collection of poems it’s a collection of experiences also. This book will take you to witness a 3 years journey of a girl.  I hope to inspire my readers with a sense of self-worth, acceptance of pain, though not accepting defeat, instead, striving towards victory. This book is about growing mature emotionally and intellectually with every minute experience gained, and blossoming from the experiences. It is about the ability to learn how to turn the negative into the positive, and to make the positive more fortified and far-reaching. It’s about the thoughts that are never ending and will forever remain with you. Reading this book will give you a perspective that you have never experienced ever.

About Author

A 19 year old girl on a journey of exploring herself and the world.  She is currently doing bachelors in nutrition..She knew she would be doing something great in life but didn’t know that it would be writing a book. Everyone is born with dreams. Working and achieving of these dreams is what describes me all. I live in my little world which is chaotic yet beautiful.

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1 review for Never Ending Thoughts

  1. Zainab

    I have just completed the reading pf your book “Never Ending Thoughts” … I don’t have words to explain my feelingss after reading it… 🤍 It was a wholesome…. The thoughts were amazingggg… It was like unpaid therapy for me… Half of the content was relatable and the other half was my therapy, my motivation to live life as what i am, I am…. When i was reading, it was like that someone is talking to me, motivating me, wiping my tears, Like someone is giving me her hands to pick me up🥺🤍
    I love ittt… ❤️
    The parts “It’s Okay, beauty in the broken, the sky, Dreams, Dear Night, if i ever give up on you, good night, i forgive you,” are my Favorite… 🤍
    Worth Reading… ❤️

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