My Bleeding Paradise

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This story is a small effort to make the world realize about the Kashmir dispute and hopefully send a positive message.

Author Bushra Majid
Published December 2020
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ISBN 978-969-7868-91-9
Language English
Total Pages 54
Paper Quality 80gsm White Bright Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Fiction, English


About Book

“My Bleeding Paradise” is very close to me and it’s a story that we every Pakistani can relate to. We have been long at struggle to resolve the Kashmir dispute and it has undoubtedly been very difficult times for the Kashmiris. The situation has led to several conflicts across the border and we are all aware of the political and financial instability that has consequently developed. This story “My Bleeding Paradise” is a small effort to make the world realize about the Kashmir dispute and hopefully send a positive message.


About Author

I am currently working as a House Officer in one of the well-known Government Hospitals of Karachi. Reading and writing have always been my hobbies. I started writing for the local newspaper around the age of 18 years and have found an utmost sense of pleasure and satisfaction in seeing my work getting published and being read and commented by people. At times, it was difficult to balance both studies and my writings but the passion of penning down my words kept me to keep writing and I have ALHAMDULILLAH always found time for it. I believe I have found a voice through my words that will hopefully be read by many.

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4 reviews for My Bleeding Paradise

  1. Dr.Anjala

    Bushra, I highly appreciate your excellence in writing and appreciate your stamina on highlighting the burning issue.
    This reflects true patriotism. May Allah bless every one to play their part in helping bleeding Kashmir.

  2. Habiba

    A much needed to be highlighted issue penned down in a very captivating way by the author. From the smallest details to the bigger picture, this book was worth the read and worth the cause.

  3. Hamna

    Fast Delivery!
    The book has been beautifully written and it has an everlasting impact on the reader. Very meaningful and outstanding depiction. Great Author!

    Can’t wait for more new publications by the Author.

  4. Babar

    A very well written and perfectly illustrated book ,very thought provoking .Highlights the kashmir issue and struggles of the people of kashmir and offers insight view of the effects of the illegal occupation on the people .A very good read and recommended to all to understand the atrocities of India in Kashmir.

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