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Doubt unwinds how humans can create personas to fit into society and forget to love themselves.

Author Sheza Khan
Published April 2021
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ISBN 978-969-749-103-2
Language English
Total Pages 504
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Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Novel, Fiction, English


About Book

Doubt unwinds how humans can create personas to fit into society and forget to love themselves. The story moves around two people and the choices they question, which were made for them. Best friends stuck with insecurities but will stand by each other in any circumstances. One has mother issues, whereas the other only has a mother to live for. Not your regular north and south, but definitely not your ice-cream and waffle. One will crack jokes at the most random of times, and the other will not even laugh, but both are suckers for biryani. One might suck at Urdu, and the other only freaks out in it, but both care about one person. One is born in Pakistan, and the other is born in America, but both are Pakistani. One is over-excited, and the other is calm as the wind, but both are socially damaged. One is a creative bird, and the other is the virtual freak, but both hate biology. One is head over heels for Pakistani music, and the other doesn’t even understand half the lyrics, but both love Sajjad Ali. One is naïve, whereas the other is silly, but both are mature at the right moment. One reads the ingredients of everything while the other makes his own, but, again, both are Halal oddities in a Haram world. She was Ezzah Mahir, and this her journal.

About Author

The author is an introvert, a writer, a microbiologist, a photographer, and a philosophical nerd. The writer goes by the pen-name of listen-to-the-Khan. The main focus of her writing is promoting self-love and growth. Her mission is to make sure that people can see beyond words and find a home in one of her characters while reaching a milestone of self-awareness.

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