Coined Verses

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The book ‘Coined verses’ is a collection of poems shares with us complex and distinct realities of life hidden in the roles of characters and situations which are intolerably haunting.

Author Saira Shahab
Published January 2021
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ISBN 978-969-749-060-8
Language English
Total Pages 64
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Genre Poetry, English


About Book

The book ‘Coined verses’ is a collection of poems. That shares with us the complex and distinct realities of life. Hidden in the roles of characters and situations which are intolerably haunting. These poems paint the obvious and frightening truth of the less privileged people. And the disappointments and hopelessness of our young frames in the present age. It also portrays a delicate and sorrowful image of the weakest gender in our society. How she is left vulnerable in brittle walls provided in various relations. Furthermore, it also presents the devastating effects of materialistic and scientific advancement on man and his thinking.

About Author

Saira Shahab Babar the Author of this book hails from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar. She is a poet and published her first poem ‘Lost Colours’ in The News International ‘US’ magazine on 30, Oct 2015. Her poem ‘Peace’ was published in Army Public School and College System Peshawar Magazine titled ‘Azm e Samim’ ‘in 2018.Her first book “Thoughtful Beads” which is collection of poems was published in Oct 2020.

Coined Verses is her second book based on collection of poems. In this book, she has highlighted social vices and evils and the havoc caused by technological advancements in the quest for a better world. She has penned down her own personal experiences and observations of how she perceives this world.

She belongs to Nowshera Pirpai but spent her life in Peshawar. Since her childhood, she had inclined to literature particularly English. She is fond of reading different English authors.  Saira did her masters’ in English literature from the English Department, Peshawar University as a regular student. She has a vast experience in teaching at the school and college level. At present she is serving as Govt.officer in the Education Department KP.

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