Breaking a Pledge

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Pledge? You make it and you break it. Life happens. Maysa didn’t know she’d make a pledge to never invest her love and energies into the outside world and how it’d impact her life.

Author Hareem Ch
Published January 2021
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ISBN 978-969-749-070-7
Language English
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Genre Fiction, Social, English


About Book

Pledge? You make it and you break it. Life happens. Maysa didn’t know she’d make a pledge to never invest her love and energies into the outside world and how it’d impact her life. Journey from heartaches, losses, failures and closed doors to spiritual strength full of wisdom, love, new beginnings and new perspectives. Meanwhile the exit of her mother (Lakia) created a vacuum in her that was filled by ill means where she meets Basil, who tries his best to drain the goodness in her but would she be able to dodge his lust disguised as love? In the cycle of lifetime she ends up meeting Kayen who recovers her faith in humanity but until when? Whereas Mr. Nuraz (Maysa’s father) had been clinging to the hope that whatever happened would have been a nightmare. Life makes you stand at a point where you’ve to make a pledge and then when you’ve learnt the lesson it wants you to teach. Duh! Life puts you in a position to break it too. Unconventional isn’t? This novel revolves around different hurdles that Maysa encounters on her way to become the woman she didn’t know she would end up being. Esita’s friendship lightens up Maysa’s dark world. Mr. Iyaad’s character could be seen as someone who would actually stood up for her, the role her father (Mr. Nuraz) had to play. What actually leads her to break a pledge Maysa never imagined coming, in the twists and turns of events, ups and downs of relations, Maysa evolves and devolves and finally ends up to break a pledge.

About Author

Hareem Ch lives in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. On September 23, 2020 she has self published her novel, “Breaking a Pledge” on Amazon.
She has been writing since her childhood but quite new in posting her write-ups on social media platforms to be recognized as an international writer, poet and now an author.
You can find Hareem Ch’s other unpublished work and poems on her official Instagram account (@_hareemch_).

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5 reviews for Breaking a Pledge

  1. Sarim Sikander

    RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    ‘Breaking A Pledge’ is not just a novel but a deeper analysis of life and its labyrinths. Life takes you to journeys of extremes, from one extreme to another and to other. To make it reach the level of stability, it takes courage, struggle and time. We humans are judgemental in a weird way. We judge others with their pasts and when it comes to us we end up being the servant of our egos. We judge human beings by putting them in the matrix of white cloaked angels and apparently this is where we always get disappointed.
    This book revolves around a girl names Maysa and how life take her to the ride of extremes, how her ideal world demolishes into dilapidate of sorrows and all the ups and downs she goes through. It shows how parents’ decisions affect children mentally and emotionally.
    Characters in the book were beautiful, realistic and deep. Mr. Iyaad plays such a great role in the book. Every time he enters in the scene, my interest in the book suddenly boosts up. I liked Maysa’s character too. Unlike usual heroines, she didn’t wasted her life in mourning over what has passed. There is always a particular time for everything. When miseries hit her, she cried, but as the time passed, she moved on. Instead of dragging on her problems, she learnt to solve them and I liked that she was honest with her relationships. We all encounter people once in our life who are preys. They know the art to manipulate others and suck their hosts life. They are vultures in the matrix of human. Basil was a relatable character and this is why I enjoyed this book. It touches different patches of reality and sews them all together.
    One thing that I loved the most was its dialogues — beautiful and insightful. The story beautifully shows the long term plan of god and the procession of universe.
    A beautiful feel of catharsis and satisfaction rushes through the reader when finishes the book.

  2. Sumiya Saeed

    Breaking a Pledge by Hareem Ch.
    Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Recommend : A Big Yes.

    Reading this debut novel was a whole different experience for me. I literally savour and devour every single moment while reading the book. I absolutely loved the fact that how smoothly the story went.
    This book is just not a mere novel but a journey and experience of life. This is the journey from heartbreak, loss, failures to spirtual strength full of love, new beginnings and new perspectives. The story revolves around a girl named Maysa, a twenty three year old, living her dream life with her parents in Karachi. But one day, her whole life scenario has changed and it not only broke her family but herself too. The story shows how courageously she faced all the difficult situations and sorrows and ups and downs of her life. She was a warrior and she fought bravely to all tanturums that life throw at her. It also shows how selfish and judgementals humans can be and also how the wrong decisions of parents affect the children health mentally and physically.
    What I loved the most is the writing style of the book. It blows my mind. It was so gripping. I loved the vocabulary man. So easy. It made the book 100x interesting for me. The life lessons in the book are worth remembering. Characters are so beautiful, deep, realistic and brilliantly written. Their transformation and growth is wonderful. Mr. Iyaad and Esita x Kayen characters are my most favourite. I enjoyed reading them the most. We all want to have such supporting pillars who support and make us stand and pass through the difficulties. Then we also meet people like Basil who came into our life just to taught us a lesson. I love Maysa’s character, the way she manages to let herself pass through the dark and then shine all the way. She was my favourite for many reasons. The book will teach you to accept your vulnerabilities with courage and face your troubles bravely instead of running and hiding away.
    I think I have missed many things in this review. But anyways you are going to see me talking about this book often.
    A big round of applause for the writer for writing such a wonderful Debut novel. If her first book is this wonderful, I can’t wait to read more work from her. In Shaa Allah She is going to be a Big name soon. No wonder.

  3. Fiza Khalid

    🦋First of all thank you so much Hareem for sending your book to my way in exchange of an honest review. 💖

    ‼️ Spoilers‼️

    🦋The storyline revolves around a girl Maysa who is an only child of her parents Mr Nuraz and Lakia.
    The family sounds happy family right?
    Yes it was actually a really peaceful and happy family until one dark day when someone came and turned everything upside down .

    🦋Lakia had to left the home and
    After that Mr Nuraz began to expoil his daughter by not giving a bit of attention to her which caused a real damage to Maysa’s mental health.

    🦋Maysa got a friend Basil.
    She thought Basil would be a ray of hope for her but this person also not only betrayed her but made her life even more toxic.

    🦋All these incidents made Maysa super strong and empowered her so well.
    After all this damage Maysa left for Lahore to visit her grandad with whom she had a really good bond.

    🦋Somehow the reunion of the family happened.

    🦋As for Maysa so she started to work in the organization with his granddad and found Keyan.
    A real man who wanted to marry her.
    Everything was about to be just super perfect but life wanted something else. they got a news.
    They went to hospital but they lost him.

    🦋Maysa was not a weak, fragile lady.
    She was a woman who had the courage to bear all this.

    🦋The story is all about human experiences and complicated relations.

    🦋Things i liked: The quotes are superb!
    I mean just beautiful .
    Iloved reading quotations cos they were super realistic.

    🦋Things i didn’t like :
    I think story was a bit dragged it could’ve been short but As it is author’s debut novel so here we’ve a margin .
    Over all it was a nice book 💙

  4. Alina Azhar

    Book Review: “Breaking a Pledge” by Hareem Ch.

    “People’s experiences mould their personalities into someone they were not in the beginning…”

    This book follows the life of a girl called Maysa, who used to live happily with her parents in Karachi, with occasional visits to her grandfather in Lahore. Her life was filled with happiness and joy, until one day when a letter broke the family apart. What was in the letter, why it tore the family, what happened? To know, you have to read this amazing book. ❤️
    Maysa tried to get a grip on the situation around her as she was confused and scared because her whole existence was questioned. Trying to find solace she made a friend, but she trusted a wrong person and soon found herself abandoned once again.

    This book particularly focuses on Maysa and her struggle to cope with the changes in her life. From a carefree and lovely life, she came face to face with the hardships and harsh realities which made her realize that life isn’t always a bed of roses. There were places where I got teary just thinking about a girl whose family was shattered in just a matter of seconds. 💔

    Hareem did a wonderful job in writing this book, I must say that. I almost highlighted half of the book because the words are just so pure and beautiful that I want to go back and read them again and again. The thoughts and feelings were expressed in a great manner.

    Maysa’s character building was great. I guess while she was learning things to understand life better, I learnt many things along with her. Somewhere along the line, her character was relatable.

  5. khadija shafqat (verified owner)

    its a learning lesson for implement in real life,,very keenly differentiate between halal and haram teaches how people uses us and fullfil their thirst. it teaches how we betrayed from guidance and hurt ourselves. it teaches sometimes we need any good listner for relaxation of mind .it teaches us difference between obession and love.

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