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Sabahat Rafique Author of Man Ishq Daram

Sabahat Rafique

من عشق دارم

When I was in college then I found that I can write. My class teacher said to me “sabahat you have the ability of writing you should must write” I said sure Then I forget but in 2015 when I was in University and doing my hons. Some circumstances urged me to do something and tell the people that I am not ordinary girl I am special. I don’t just think of it I worked on it. My first story that was rejected by three digest that gave me fame on internet. Now, Alhamdulillah I am writing in digest and my three books (Diye Jalnay Lagay, Man ishq Daram, Hareef e Jan) are available in market. I am writing for myself and I am not inspired by anyone.
My favorite writers are Umera Ahmed, Hashim Nadeem, Mustansir Hussain Tarar, Paulo Coelho and Shakespeare.
Peer e kamil by Umerah Ahmed, alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Abdullah by Hashim Nadeem, magic by Rhonda Byrne and a walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks are my favorite books.
My Readers are very special to me they give me strength to write. Always I received appreciation from them. I want to say a big thanks to my Readers. I love you.
Please don’t copy others, create your own writing style. Write what you want to read. Here are the some tips for new writers: Know your audience, Know your genre, Create real characters, and Show, don’t tell.
And the main thing is that revise your story again and again. Point out your mistakes and make corrections. Don’t be afraid to delete the spare part of your novel.

Publishing Experience with Auraq

Now a day’s when publishing process is become more complex. Publisher’s are demanding heavy amount to publish the books. This thing is ridiculous. Mean Seriously? No one can pay the amount of a single word because it is not physical but intellectual work. In the whole country you can’t found a single profession in which the person earn nothing and doing his job free of cost. But Writers do this.
In those days when I was looking for a good publisher I found Auraq. Auraq publications dealt with me in such a way that I gave priority to Auraq. They know how to give respect to their writers. Therefore I am writing my next book for Auraq. You can choose Auraq Publications without any fear and they will not disappoint you. ~ Sabahat Rafique

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