Thoughts of the Mind, Laments of the Soul

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‘Thoughts of the Mind, Laments of the Soul’ explores diverse themes; Romanticism, in terms of the power of love and in terms of man’s intervention in nature’s affairs.

Author Muhammad Faateh Hyat Khan
Published May 2022
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ISBN 978-969-749-174-2
Language English
Total Pages 118
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Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
Genre Poetry, English

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About Book

‘Thoughts of the Mind, Laments of the Soul’ is a poetry book that explores diverse themes including romanticism, nature, changing feelings and complex emotions. It touches on the power of love and urges the reader to reflect on the consequences of man’s intervention in nature’s affairs. The importance of emotions of the mind and feelings people have towards one another are delved into; this written piece helps you think about common experiences such as how emotions, feelings and others’ presence can cause one to change oneself completely.

The book evolves slowly, as a result of poet’s constantly changing state of mind and ends with a more generalised and realistic perspective of life and death and how these phenomena impact people. The form of the poems mimics this change by going from being one or two stanzas long to five or six stanzas long. This is done in the hopes of giving the reader a sense of transition and openness as now the poems are starting to share more with the reader. The poet is ready to disclose his inner thoughts and laments, and he chooses to do so by recounting historical events and questioning their legitimacy.

Let this book make you feel fully whatever it is you feel while reading it. It is your story as much as it is the poet’s.

About Author

M. Faateh Hyat is a high school student at Westminster International School with a penchant for written expression. He has focused his academics on examining the nuances of English Literature and Language while also seeking to learn from the patterns he observes in History. Born in Wah, Pakistan to a family of engineers, doctors, and lawyers, he intends on branching out and exploring the meaning and beauty that can be found within art. After being inspired by the likes of Elizabeth Barren Browning and John Keats, Faateh took to the page to produce poems that touch on themes of mother nature, evolving societies, death, and historical accounts. “Thoughts of the mind, laments of the soul” will be his first published work and he hopes to build on it with similar creative pursuits throughout his lifetime. He regards poetry as an avenue for understanding the depths within ourselves while also making sense of the world around us. The author aspires to spend his professional life as a historian and lyricist. He sees himself marveling over the rise and fall of civilizations and finding ways to share the stories through poetry.

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