The Love That Could Not Be

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In the quaint city of Anshan, China, Amir, a Pakistani student, finds himself captivated by the enigmatic charm of a North Chinese girl. She is a puzzle he can’t resist solving, a challenge that turns into a journey of unconditional love.

Author Anny Kamal Laghari
Published August 2023
Price Rs 1800 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-239-8
Language English
Total Pages 238
Paper Quality Imported Cream Book Paper
Binding Perfect Bound Paperback Edition
Genre Non-Fiction, English


About Book

As the title of my book, “The Love That Couldn’t Be,” suggests, I am here to share the tale of a love that remains unfulfilled. It all started back in year 2014, in the charming city of Anshan, in North China. At first sight, I was drawn to her, and I could feel the spark of attraction igniting within me. But little did I know that this love would become a lifetime bond that I could not break, despite knowing that she did not share the same feelings for me.

About Author

Anny Kamal Laghari, a native of Hyderabad in Pakistan’s Sindh province, is currently pursuing her PhD studies in Management Science and Engineering in China. Beyond her academic pursuits, Anny has delved into the art of storytelling to present her debut novel, a heartfelt account based on real-life events. With a desire to share a powerful narrative inspired by personal experiences, Anny invites readers to journey through a genuine and touching exploration of life’s intricacies. Through her work, she aims to resonate with readers by capturing the essence of human emotions within the framework of reality.

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