Qalb and Quran

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The combination of Quran and science helps us understand the meaning of a ‘sealed heart’ or ‘blind heart’, as well as the concept of iman entering the heart.

Author Amna Bilal
Published Sep 2022
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About Book

For centuries, various religions have emphasized the role of the heart in guiding man towards the truth. The need to ‘listen to the heart’ or ‘follow the heart’ has been frequently emphasized implying that the heart is the central ground for morality and can differentiate between right and wrong. Similarly, in Islam, multiple verses of the Quran identify the heart or qalb, as being an abode for iman, as well as the center of decision making. But, to what extent can this be scientifically proven? Is the heart just a muscle pumping blood, or does it really have a mind of its own? Why can morality be found in the heart and not in the brain? Moreover, the Quran uses different words to describe the heart such as qalb, fuad, lubb and sadr. What is the difference between these terms and how can this help us understand the mechanism of the heart? Since the Quran is guidance and the qalb is an abode for faith, is there a relationship between the Quran and the heart?

This books aims to address all these questions conducting a deep analysis of the heart. In particular, it focuses on the famous ‘light upon light’ verse of the Quran and how it relates magnificently to the knowledge that has been recently acquired regarding the human heart. The combination of Quran and science helps us understand the meaning of a ‘sealed heart’ or ‘blind heart’, as well as the concept of iman entering the heart. If we want to make the correct decisions in life that will attain the pleasure of God, we need to understand where decisions are being made and the factors that influence the decision-making process.


About Author

Amna Bilal is the creator of Furqan, a group established with the intention of spreading the wisdom of the Quran. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Dean’s Honor List) and Master’s degree in Economics (Gold Medalist) from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). During her teaching career, she joined the faculty at LUMS and COMSATS teaching various courses in Economics to undergraduate students. Her profound interest in Islamic Economics eventually led her to conduct a deep analysis of tafseer which spans over six years. Recently, to share her knowledge of Quran worldwide, she has a podcast series by the name of Furqan Studios. In 2022, she published her own four-volume commentary of the entire Quran — A Journey of Hope from Al-Fatiha to An-Nas — compiling all her research with the intention of making tafseer easy for those who wish to commence their journey of Quran studies. She also conducts weekly lectures to help students who are struggling to connect with the Quran, desirous to have a strong relationship with their Creator but finding the verses difficult to understand.

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