Peace Dwells In Your Heart

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This book is a notion to bring oneself closer to the divine, feel and contemplate the nature and connect with the spirituality of this world.

Author Qudsia Bano
Published February 2021
Price Rs 850 PKR
ISBN 978-969-749-085-1
Language English
Total Pages 126
Paper Quality Standard Cream Paper
Binding Perfect Bound, Paperback Edition
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Genre Poetry, English


About Book

PEACE DWELLS IN YOUR HEART is a collection of Poetry and Proses by an ordinary human being, who sees life as an opportunity of Self Correction, exploring Purpose and shining brighter by each and every passing day. It is a combination of words that could inspire to aspire you to turn the pain into purpose and making nectar of the agonism of life.
Peace Dwells In Your Heart is a notion to bring oneself closer to the divine, feel and contemplate nature and connect with the spirituality of this world.
This small collection of poetry might bring the change in human thought regarding life and struggles and turn the sight towards positivity.

About Author

Qudsia Bano is a student and will call herself a Student for the rest of her life because she believes in learning through every phase of life, she is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Management Sciences from a well-renowned institute of Pakistan, but she believes Poetry flows within me as my blood, other than writing poetry and long forms, she loves to read the poetry and novels and explore the nature, contemplate the nature and infer different meanings of life through the exploration and contemplation of the nature. Qudsia Bano has been a very sensitive human being that turned her writing skill into a passion and as of Being a student of Business she aspires to bring this Passion into Profession, and resultantly she started doing content writing for businesses and academics.
In her free time, she loves watching seasons and cooking happy meals for her beloved family.

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2 reviews for Peace Dwells In Your Heart

  1. Yasir

    Book is collection of poems and prose. Writer holds beautiful thoughts. Main focus is on divine love which is source of peace. To see the positivity in difficult times and to be optimistic are other main themes of book.

  2. Emma

    Such a beautiful piece of art to inspire the young generation.

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