Confessions of a Grandmother

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Confessions of a Grandmother is neither fiction nor an autobiography, but the author shares her experiences eloquently and reaches out to the heart of the reader, giving him food for thought.

Author Yasmin Elahi
Published December 2022
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ISBN 978-969-749-204-6
Language English
Total Pages 240
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Genre Social, English

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About Book

‘Confessions of a Grandmother..and more’ is a collection of Yasmin Elahi’s published articles (mostly in Dawn), and on her blog site ( Written in simple narrative, these writings are thought provoking, as the person who read them can easily relate to the social and moral issues the author raises. Some articles and blogs which she has written in first person, gives the reader an idea of the ups and downs of her turbulent life.

The writer is a two time winner of NBF awards, she strives passionately through her writings (which are mostly for children) to pass on the age old values she has learned from a closely knit and deeply religious family. “Confessions of a Grandmother and more” is neither fiction nor an autobiography, but Yasmin Elahi shares her experiences eloquently and reaches out to the heart of the reader, giving him food for thought and as he goes through her writings without even realizing it, the reader may learn a lesson or two, or see things with a totally different perspective.

‘Follow the Light’ and ‘Footsteps’ are her award winning books, and ‘Roads are not Dustbins’ is a collection of her published articles in the Young World (Dawn).

About Author

It’s quite difficult to write my Bio as there is nothing extraordinary to tell my readers. Born a 4th child to a deeply religious family with age old values, my childhood and teenage was a very sheltered one. I was deeply bonded to my parents, siblings and extended family.

I did my matriculation in 1966, from Viqarrunissa Noon School, which was one of the best girls’ school in Dhaka (then East Pakistan). I must give credit for whatever little name I have carved out as a writer, to our English teacher Mrs Amin. Her command on English was beyond perfect, and she expected each one of her students to reach (or cross), her level. To this day, I am thankful to her for the lengthy grammar home-works and strictly checked monthly assessments.

The beginning of my writing career was when I had already crossed my 50th Birthday. I owe it to my daughter in law, Saira Owais (a writer herself) and my son’s friend Faizan Usmani, whose keen eyes somehow discovered the dormant writer in me, and last but definitely not the least, to my encouraging children and their spouses.
Though I have written a lot for both children and elders, my most cherished work are my entries in NBF Competition for Children’s Literature. ‘Follow the Light’ and ‘Footsteps’ (published by Ferozsons), are the two books which got the 1st and 3rd prizes. I have translated both these books in Urdu, and these (Roshan Raahein and Naqsh e Qadam) have also been published by the same publisher. ‘Roads are not Dustbins’, a compilation of some of my articles published in (Young World, Dawn) has been published by Ferozsons recently. All these books are available on Ferozsons’ website.

Basically I am a family person, a Grandmother and a mother, before I am a writer. I consider myself an ordinary Pakistani woman, just a face in the crowd. Being a fierce patriot, I feel pained and frustrated at the mayhem I witness in my beloved Pakistan I keep on praying and yearning for better days in my Homeland.

My message for my readers is to never hesitate to start something new in life. Age is not a factor which should hamper your abilities. Follow your heart when you feel like exploring new avenues and seek help from Allah. Success is bound to knock at your door.

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12 reviews for Confessions of a Grandmother

  1. Uroosa Eman

    “Confessions of a Grandmother” is a collection of insights and wisdom that’s emerged from the author’s personal experiences related social and moral issues. That is wonderfully written by Yasmin Elahi.

    Yasmin Elahi is a family person a Grandmother and a mother, before she is a writer. She firmly believes and says, “Age is not a factor which should hamper your abilities.”

    You will find in this book a lot of experiences ranging from family love/support/pampering/courage to other social issues like anger, fair judgement/criticism, faith, differences, hypocrisy and so many to read and understand these things.

    These things seem little and not-so-important but actually these are things which we all need to ponder upon and try to change our behaviour and all.

    A great observer has written so well with simple but great choices of words. Highly recommended this book y’all need to know.

  2. Sadia Elahi

    Ordered my copy from Auraq and I must say, each chapter is written with so much thought and wisdom!
    It’s a refreshing read with pecks of humour that keep me glued to the book.. My recommendation: a must read for young adults as it reflects many lessons for life compiled together ❤️
    Elderly will also enjoy this read as they may relate to many parts of the book.

  3. Faiza Saud

    Had the pleasure of reading Confessions of a Grandma.

    Being family, and myself a grandma, by the grace of God, I could relate so much to its content.

    Simple language, it touches the hearts of the readers, when one goes through the pages…simple, day to day events that at times, impact our lives so deeply.

    Highly appreciate Yasmin’s wisdom in the choice and compilation of words, without hurting any bodys feelings, yet successfully conveying a lesson for the readers. I wish her the best of luck in future…eagerly waiting for the next read.

  4. Saira Saif (verified owner)

    Very well written….I really appreciate yasmin elahi for writing such a wonderful book by sharing her personal experiences in a very beautiful way.Her selection & compilation of words is outstanding .I really love it and it would also touches the hearts of the readers.I will highly recommend to all especially young adults & also grandparents who may relate to its content.

  5. Dr. Yasmeen Kazi

    I read Yasmin Elahi’s book, ‘Confessions of a Grandmother’. Yasmin has been writing for children, also articles for newspapers and a blog. This book contains reflections on her own life and common every day situations and experiences. She mentioned her childhood spent in East Pakistan and her loving parents, two twin sisters and brothers. She got married and moved to Karachi, had difficulties and got a divorce. She mentioned her feelings at the death of her parents, her trying to give her children discipline and a good sense of values, being a religious person. She mentioned her daughter in law, her grandchildren and usual family situations and how to deal with them. The book has been written in a frank, flowing, easy, friendly style.

  6. Saira Saif (verified owner)

    Very well written….I really appreciate yasmin elahi for writing such a wonderful book by sharing her personal experiences in a very beautiful way.Her selection & compilation of words is outstanding .I really love it and it would also touches the hearts of the readers.I will highly recommend to all especially young adults & also grandparents who may relate to its content

  7. Maryam Kherulla

    Reading Confessions of a Grandmother was a treat to say the least. To read the compiled writings of someone I have truly admired and especially someone I can relate to at so many levels was a cathartic experience. Yasmin Elahi is an icon of strength, faith and openmindedness. This is reflected in each one of the articles in this book. Honest, candid and thought provoking, her writings unapologetically talk about elements of our society that must be addressed. I even recommended this to my teenage daughter as well as my own mother knowing full well that they would relish it too.

  8. YBT

    My review on
    “Confessions of a grandmother “ written by Yasmine Elahi
    You are obviously intelligent. You talk straight with an openness and honesty rarely seen.You have been a powerful, inspiration to the worsening mindset ups of the young and elderly for sure.yYou must have a successful career as a writer and the most noble designation as a AMMI in this world for the sacrifices you have done for your loved ones.
    I also don’t think anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book.
    Good luck Yasmine Elahi!

  9. Moaziz fatima

    یاسمین الہیٰ کی کتاب
    Confessions of a
    کے بارے میں ایمن طارق کے پیج پر رویو پڑھا تو کتاب منگواءی
    الحمدللہ بہت جلد آبھی گی انکے دستخط کے ساتھ ۔

    نام سے لگتا تھا کہ ایک مربوط کہانی ہوگی لیکن یہ ان کے کچھ شایع شدہ مضامین کا مجموعہ ہے جسمیں وہ ایک جہاندیدہ ، جذبات سے لبریز، نرم دل خاتون طور پر سامنے آتی ہیں جو عمر کا ایک بھر پور حصہ بڑے سے خاندان اور وسیع سوشل سرکل کے درمیان پاکستان کے دونوں حصوں میں ایکٹو اور زندگی سے پر گذار چکی ہے ، جو مزے سے بتاتی ہے کہ میں 60کی ہوچکی ہوں ۔

    مگر جس کے کاندھے کی اوٹ سے دو بڑی بہنوں کے پیچھے پیچھے چلنے والی معصوم بچی اور ایک شوخ و شنگ دوشیزہ جھانکتی ہے
    سچی بات تو یہ ہے کہ جگہ جگہ بیان کی سادگی تحریر کی دلگدازی نے رلایا
    ایک عام عورت کے تجربات جو ماں بننے کے سفر سے شروع ہوکردادی نانی بننے تک محیط ہیں بس پڑھ کر دیکھیں
    کتاب اوراق پبلیکشنز نے اچھی چھاپی ہے کا غذ بھی ہلکا لیکن جاندار اور پرنٹنگ بھی خوب۔

  10. Maham (verified owner)

    Its an amazing cozy read. This book is beautifully written and talks about some important social issues. It’s a glimpse into the author’s life and offers moments of reflection on our own journeys as well. A delightful read for those seeking a warm and personal narrative.

  11. Syed Saqib Mumtaz

    Confessions of a Grandmother is an eloquently narrated tale of one’s life, which in this case is a Grandmother. Very simple life lessons woven into cultural taboos and prejudices make it unique from other books.
    The book is a must-read for parents as it delves deep into parental issues and how one can work on improving relations with your parents and children.

  12. Sidra

    A very good read, loved reading this book
    I feel like every women can relate to this book. Amazingly written book by a Pakistani author 👏

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