Blissful Intrigue

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A Novel by Kamran Rifat, author of ‘A Broken Cup’. Click here to watch book trailer.

Author Muhammad Kamran Rifat
Published August 2023
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ISBN 978-969-749-244-2
Language English
Total Pages 400
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Binding Perfect Bound Paperback Edition
Genre Fiction, English

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About Book

Love, Lahore, Amritsar, and Jihad Born during the conflict of 1971, Raees Ali’s life becomes entwined in the political upheavals of Pakistan, just as his grandfather Dost Ali’s had when he was forced to leave Amritsar in 1947 and re-establish his family in Lahore. As a young adult now, Raees faces both that and the emotional turmoil from one-sided love. In his despair, he falls prey to certain jihadi elements and goes through a religious transformation, vowing to never fall in love again. Life, however, has other plans for him when the vivacious Natasha becomes his work colleague and Raees’s inner battle begins. Will he maintain his promise or allow his heart to trust again?

About Author

Muhammad Kamran Rifat holds a degree of MA Finance from Punjab University Lahore and MA in Creative Writing degree from Kingston University, London. Despite his academic background, his passion for creative writing led him on a different career path.
Encouraged by his father, a respected journalist and writer Muhammad Zahid Rifat, and driven by an unwavering desire for creative expression and drawing from his experience in writing articles and short stories, he ventured into the world of novel writing. His debut novel, In Quest and the second novel The Broken Cup which he self-published, further solidified his commitment to a career in writing.
Through his literary works, Kamran endeavours to shed light on the profound philosophy of Sufism, an often-neglected aspect, and bring attention to the lives of privileged individuals in Pakistan who are seldom discussed. His third novel, ‘Blissful Intrigue,’ is a fervent and patriotic piece of historical fiction.
The writer can be reached at these social media platforms: Twitter: mkamranrifat
Instagram: kamran.rifat


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