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Aimen Iqbal - Author of The Falling Stars

Aimen Iqbal

The Falling Stars

Aimen Iqbal is a Pakistani writer and a self taught literature student. She started writing from the age of seven. The first story she wrote was a travesty of “Famous Five” by Enid Blyton and the first poem she wrote was inspired by William Wordsworth love for daffodils.

Since the very early years of her life, she had been told about the ability she lacked to communicate and speak vividly. Since the very early years of her life she had been facing social anxiety attacks with the tremors spreading over the entire expanse of her body and her breaths suffocating whenever she tried to converse. This lack lead to many losses in her life from being bullied to getting low grades in presentations. But this lack taught her a new way to use the words and tell people what she felt. She saw many authors doing that. She saw Shakespeare telling the world of his idea of tragedy in Hamlet and Allama Iqbal explaining the need of freedom and love for God through his poetries. Inspired by these poets and authors, she started writing and kept on writing. That is the only way she knows how to talk: through writing.

Becoming a writer was not only her dream but a battle she fought against many people who always wanted her to become something else. Becoming a writer was a victory over all those who laughed at her and all those whom she never answered back.

To all the writers: “Write. Write even when there is no way you can write. Write even when you don’t know how to hold the pen. Write even when they laugh at your language. Write because if you want to become a writer only writing can help you. And one day all your work will look back at you in the shape of a book smiling at you. And you will be smiling back. To everyone who loves to write, keep writing”

Publishing Experience with Auraq

This was my first ever book published and when I entered the industry I knew nothing of the processes and managements. I didn’t know about the time and money it would take. I came in with zero knowledge and less money in my pocket, the only thing I had was my manuscript. Things were strange to me but Auraq Publications really helped me through each step of my journey. Publishing was my fear and Auraq made me feel publishing was easier. There was not a single moment I regretted my decision of choosing Auraq Publications.

I spent two months searching for a better publisher and in my search and after consulting other authors I came across three publishers in Pakistan and I talked to each one of them. I chose Auraq because it was more affordable and cooperative. Also because I had bought books of this publishers before and I was totally impressed by the page quality.

I would recommend Auraq Publications to all the writers especially those who are very new to this field. The publication team is really very helpful and cooperative. They guide from the core of the process. The quality of their printing is beautiful, both the page quality and the layout quality. You won’t regret choosing them.

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