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Auraq Author-Safa-Mubashar

Safa Mubashar

Till We Align

Safa Mubashar is a 16 year old passionate artist and talented writer from Lahore, Pakistan. Writing from a young age, she connects with the world through her art and poetry. She is extremely fond of working with watercolors and goes by @somewhat.likeart on instagram where she posts her art and takes orders and commissions as well! She is the eldest in her family with a younger brother and sister. Taking her passion for writing and art, she aspires to become a successful doctor in her near future.

Publishing Experience with Auraq

I undoubtedly had an amazing experience working with work. Publishing my book during a global pandemic took me aback for a while. I came across Auraq when the pandemic started and contacted them in full hope of support, and I’m so happy to say that they did NOT let me down. From communicating effectively to guiding me through the whole process. Once I had an image for my book in mind, they brought every single detail into reality. Highly responsive, always available for ANY query I had.

By July this beautiful baby of mine came out and I couldn’t be more grateful to Auraq for it. Having a reasonable author-publisher royalty ratio and paying at every detail of the book inside out isn’t something that a lot of publication houses have, but Auraq was so supportive in listening to everything I had to say. 10/10 recommend!

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