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A little bit about Momina

Momina Hafeez is an American Pakistani currently residing in Gujar Khan, Pakistan. She has completed education from Pakistan, owns Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi. She is a gold medalist for the highest score in Master’s Degree. She also has completed a diploma in Contemporary Issues from Islamic Online University. She is currently serving at Al-Hijrah Islamic College Gujar Khan with a passion for teaching.

She views things with a different perspective, observes nature and connects it with human nature. And motivates through different examples from history and from nature.

What She Says about Auraq

The journey for publishing my book has been an easy and encouraging process thanks to Auraq Publications. Auraq has provided great services in a short period of time and perfect printing service. I thank Auraq for helping out with the queries and responding timely. Auraq has guided me about my rights throughout the process. It is perfect choice for newbies and for authors who want encouragement. It has been a great journey. I have already decided to write and publish more books with Auraq.

Thank you Auraq for your help and services. Indeed you are the best.

There wasn’t any barrier in my publishing journey with them. Highly recommended publishing house.

Her Favorite Authors are

  • Emily Rodda
  • Nauman Ali Khan
  • Rhonda Byrne

Her Favorite books:

  • Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda
  • Revive your heart by Nauman Ali Khan
  • Namal by Nemrah Ahmed
  • The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

Her Leisure time hobbies are

  • Watching Anime
  • Writing
  • Reading

Upcoming Books:

Title not decided but in progress

Her message to her readers:

This world may be temporary but it is a beautiful place to live. We can only see and feel the beauty of we truly understand ourselves and think about others. We have to keep advancing. Even if it’s a small movement we have to keep on going. Our job is to do whatever we can to help this world become a better place to live. Each and every person in this world has the power to make this world a beauty.

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