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Laila Sandleen - Author of Emotional Legacy

Laila Sandleen

Emotional Legacy

When I was just 5, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be, and my reply was, “a scientist.” Why? Because they could experiment to create something and that sounds so exciting. In my teens, I had a keen interest in joining an airline as a crew member. Why? Because that could give me a chance to widely explore and observe.
I didn’t become both though.
Every child thinks a thousand things before life finally reveals what you were born to do. It was in my mid-twenties that I realized I wanted to be a writer. I was already writing since long, everything that I wanted to write, and it always gave me a great sense of joy and happiness, but the day I decided this is what I seriously wished to pursue, there was no looking back.
Writing gives me a chance at both; experiment, and exploration. I can step into any character and see the world from their perspective. In this beautiful journey of writing, I had my exposure in banking, and teaching also. Though both fields are great in their own accord and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but for me when it comes to where I want to actually see myself grow; it’s writing. Teaching the younger brains which are so full of curiosity and dreams, and studying Mass Communication with some very interesting subjects helped me further in carving myself as a writer.
Now that my first novel has finally published, I’m looking forward to writing many more.
My Favourite Authors are Ashfaq Ahmad (for the kind of thought process this great man shared), Agatha Christie (this woman knew how to keep her readers intrigued), Shafiq-ur-Rehman (for his sweet, pleasant sense of humour).

Publishing Experience with Auraq

My publishing experience with Auraq Publications has been fantastic. It’s not just that they accept, appreciate and encourage your manuscript, they also provide great services whether it’s your preferences for the book’s layout or the cover or the marketing strategies, just to name a few. The kind of look I wanted for my book, they were more than just willing and very cooperative to provide it to me. You can communicate with them regarding each and everything. Despite having so many authors working with them, they treat every author with so much importance, and provide services as per the author’s taste and preferences. I can see the people at Auraq Publications taking it a long way. They already have some great books on their publishing charts and I’m definitely looking forward to see them grow and publish many more nice books. My best wishes are always with them. Highly recommended. ~ Laila Sandleen

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