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Tim Blight - Author of Pakistan Traveller

Tim Blight

Pakistan Traveller

Tim Blight is an Australian traveler who fell in love with Pakistan on its first visit in 2006. Since then it has been a roller-coaster ride of perilous mountain roads, getting caught up in religious processions in crowded streets, learning a lesson about the effects of eating spicy street food, standing awestruck by beautiful architecture and meeting more than a few friends for life. Since his first visit, Tim has visited Pakistan ten times, criss-crossing the country and visiting almost every (accessible) corner of the land. He is the author of Pakistan Traveller, a project of his website UrbanDuniya.

Publishing Experience with Auraq

I have had the most wonderful experience publishing my book Pakistan Traveller through Auraq. From the very beginning the service was very professional and the process was transparent – something which I’m sure most writers will agree is a major concern. The quality of the final product is excellent, and Auraq has provided an excellent platform from which to sell my book all over Pakistan. I had been to many publishers before I approached Auraq, and I’m glad I waited – Auraq has made the publishing process a dream. Thank you so much for your work, for making the process so smooth, and for the care you have taken with my precious work!

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