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A little bit about Namra

Namra Nasir is a doctor, a blogger and a published author. She writes about the unnoticed realities of society that impact our lives unconsciously. In light of her medical career she writes for the ailing society that sometimes gets cured by a conversation more effectively than a medicine and a word more miraculously than a prick. She aims to create turbulence by showing the mirror to a society that looks away by immersing itself in a vacuum of escapism, distractions and self-created illusions.

Dr Namra Nasir - Auraq Author

What She Says about Auraq

They are undoubtedly the best publishers I came across in Pakistan. They not only publish the book but also educate the author about their rights. Starting from the basics of publishing, they are always available for any query the author has even after getting the book published.

The highlight of my book writing journey were Auraq publications. A publishing house where you can find all that you are looking for. From the response time to educating the first time author and meeting the deadlines, they made all the phases of publishing very convenient for me. There was not a single time I felt hopeless about getting my book published while working with them. Even after getting my book published, this publishing house is still in touch for all the queries I can possibly have.
A big shout out to one of the best publishing houses of Pakistan.

There wasn’t any barrier in my publishing journey with them. Highly recommended publishing house.

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